11 ways to help recruit members to your organization by JCI USA

Since its inception in 1920, JCI USA has provided young adults under 40 a vehicle to help solve problems locally and around the world. We believe we can – and should – address the needs of others through civic engagement. Our membership can be found in all walks of life (and over 100 countries) each sharing a passion for making a difference, an interest in being part of something bigger than themselves, and a desire to grow and expand their horizons by being active in their community.

Here are 11 tips from leaders in our organization to aid in recruitment! Please like the JCI USA page to see all the videos!

Recruitment Tip #1: Be intentional with your recruitment plan.

Who out there uses prospect lists for recruiting new members? Kicking off #JayceeRushWeek with DNP Justin Wutzke!

Recruitment Tip #2: Don't be afraid to ask.

Starting the 2nd tip of #JayceeRushWeek with Leadership Development Brent L. Young!

Recruitment Tip #3: Don't forget to share the benefits that being a Jaycee provides.

Here's another recruitment tip from NVP Krista Shafer!

Recruitment Tip #4: Don't be afraid of the word no.

Coming all the way from Paris, France, Past NVP and Presidential Assistant James Danley!

Recruitment Tip #5: Share your passion!

One of the most powerful recruitment tools we have is our story. Here's a little reminder from NVP Heather Danley!

Recruitment Tip #6: Utilize the talents of your current members.

IPP Noelle Nachreiner is here with JCI Lansing with more tips on recruitment!

Recruitment Tip #7: Recruitment is a marathon, not a sprint.

WOLFPACK!!! Check out recruitment advice from our own JCI Michigan State President Steven S. Fappas!

Recruitment Tip #8: Send out a mingler.

What's a mingler? Check out this tip from NVP Chris Demmer!

Recruitment Tip #9: Be Positive and avoid negativity in public.

We've got Georgia Jaycees State President @Danielle Fields and our next pro tip!

Recruitment Tip #10: Pay attention to the professions of your members and prospective members.

Recruiting by profession can be a good way to increase your chapter's pool of professional resources as well as answering immediate needs. Is your chapter in need of a treasurer? Try targeting accountants in your area. In need of branding help? How about graphic designers? Learn from NVP Ross Ratliff!

Recruitment Tip #11: Find out what your potential members are interested in and how you can align their interests with your chapter. 

To help you along with tip #11, we've got NVP @Nate Martin!

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June 19th-26th is Jaycee Rush Week! JCI USA be awarding a $25 Restaurant.com gift card to every individual member that recruits at least 2 new members. But...If you are a member of JCI Michigan specifically, President Steve Fappas has upped the Rush Week game, and will match the national challenge!

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