A Bees’ Role in Leadership Development

Jocelyn Moellering, 2020 Chief of Staff

Hi everyone! Celebrating 2019 with you all in Ann Arbor was such a blast! I cannot wait to see everybody at Boyne in May – it is always a fantastic time! This month, I’d like to continue my theme on looking to bees for inspiration for our leadership development organization. The following is adapted from an article by Linh Tran:

Each bee has their pre-determined role and responsibilities: the queen lays eggs; the worker bees build the hive and provide food, and the drones are there to make sure that the hive keeps on growing. These stable roles make sure that every bee knows exactly what they have to do and where they have to be at each moment. The jobs complement each other perfectly, and each job plays a vital part in strengthening and growing the hive. This is a great example of how cross-functional teams can work together effectively and how a diverse team with different skill sets can contribute to the success of a project.

However, while this system seems very rigid, it’s not… at least in the case of the worker bees. What is fascinating is that every worker bee does every job during the course of her life, which means that she can switch jobs depending on the needs of the colony. Bees understand that they can only ensure the survival of the colony if they work together, failure to do so can be fatal for the whole hive.

As chapters and in project committees, only if we work together will we be able to complete our work successfully. It is important that the leader communicate to the team what their roles and responsibilities are, but it’s also important to stay flexible and change roles if necessary.

Have a fantastic March, and I hope to see you soon!

In Jaycees,

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