Activate conference and Running to Honor 5K lead the pack in D4

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and our awesome D4 projects & events are everywhere!   All 8 of our chapters have some fantastic opportunities for visitations, check them out!

Chapter Spotlights:

I have 4 chapters I want to highlight for the NEW Projects that they are bringing to JCI!

The first group I am going to spotlight 3 chapters that have chosen to work together on one fantastic conference that is coming up in August.  Redford, Livonia, and Westland Area have created Activate: Metro Detroit Start Up & Small Business Conference at Madonna University on August 16th.  They have a fantastic speaker line up that consists of angel investors, billion-dollar entrepreneurs, and some very recognizable local businesses. Congrats to Redford, Livonia, and Westland Area for working together to create this fantastic event!

If this sounds like something you would like to attend, or someone you know that could benefit from this amazing conference, invite them!

I am also going to highlight a newer member from the Wyandotte Jaycees who is a veteran, and he wanted to honor Fallen Soldiers and Veterans by way of a 5K.  Aaron Bartel is such an inspirational member that has so much passion to bring opportunity to honor Veterans and Fallen Soldiers and give opportunities to those that have returned from being overseas.  He has also ran so many miles in races across the US.  This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved, and there are many ways.  I know that D4 are leaders of the pack and will come together to support him in this fantastic project with the Wyandotte Jaycees.

There are lots of ways to get involved.

Volunteer, Run, do the Virtual Run, or donate.

Online registration link:

Online volunteer link:

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Donation link:


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