April 2020 Chaplain’s Message

Beth Plant, 2020 Chaplain

Hello Fellow Jaycees,

There is so much going on with the coronavirus in the U.S. and around the world. As Jaycees, let’s think of how we can make an impact for others near and far in this time of need. Consider participating in the VirtualĀ  Kindness Rally as a wonderful way to make a lasting impact in communities.

We are all in this together Jaycees! With many people working from home, take the time to check on each other, Jaycee friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.

It only takes a little time to send a quick text, chat, pick up the phone, or have a video chat to connect with each other. Make the call to friends you’ve been wanting to call for awhile. Jump on video calls to join a GMM you’ve been wanting to attend and unable to due to working late. Social distancing is needed during this time and this too shall pass.

Let’s go forward and stay connected with each other!

In Jaycees,
Chaplain Beth

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