April Membership Update

Carol Z. Pickelmann, 2020 Membership Vice President

I have been home with my children for 14 days. I have left three times for groceries. My 2nd grader hates schoolwork. My toddler hates clothes.
I. Am. So. Tired.

Fortunately, I do not have to work from home.  (Seriously, mad props to ANY parent working from home with children right now)!  Unfortunately, I don’t have to work from home because I am not employed while schools are closed.  I am one of the thousands and thousands of people just waiting for answers that can’t be answered yet.  I. Am. So. Worried.

Through all of this, I have relied on my Jaycee family for laughs, adult interaction, projects to work on, and things to distract myself.  I have never needed this organization more.  Between mask-makers, zoom bosses, and bunny pictures I. just….Am. So. Inspired.

To all of you staying home to save lives, those of you working the front line in hospitals, those of you doing everything you can to keep your members sane via electronic interaction…  Thank you.  Thank you all so much for being living, breathing examples of the best parts of the creed. #servicetohumanity #bestworkoflife #fellowship #jcimilove #betheone





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