Around the Mitten for July

Here’s our District Directors’ latest batch of Member Spotlights from Around the Mitten.

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District 1 with Sandy BredahlThis shout out foes to the Big Rapids Jaycees.

With the 4th of July Fireworks having to be cancelled this year, they stepped up and adjusted their plans.

They provided opportunities for their community to participate safely in some competitions that awards prizes towards their downtown. They came up with a Community Yard Decorating contest, Photo Scavenger Hunt, and Puzzle Contest.

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District 2 with Jen GroomKayleigh Gratz has been a Jaycee for 3 years, but she grew up as a Jaycee kid. Her favorite Jaycee memory is working the pubs at Blackrock Medieval Festival.

Her favorite Jaycee project is the Dairy Farm Tour because it gave her the chance to share her love of cows with everyone; as well as give others a chance to visit a farm. For a living Kayleigh is a pig farmer.

She is also a registered chinchilla breeder, to show and sell as pets. She currently has 58 chinchillas.

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District 3 with Carena TownsendDavid is always willing to step up and help. In 2020, he is serving as a Director for the Ann Arbor Jaycees BOD, additionally he served as the chair of the Fourth of July Parade.

2020 was supposed to be the 30th Annual Ann Arbor Parade and COVID-19 wasn’t going to stop Ann Arbor from putting on a community favorite event. With his leadership, the team successfully created a Virtual Parade with 30 individuals/groups participating that was watched by 2,000 people.

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District 4 with Chris Crawford
Gabe is a brilliant speaker and wildly passionate and talented. Gabe has officially been a member for about a year and a half.

However he has lead JCI talks about diversity. He has run a Diversity 101 training for JCI USA and has even found time to run fun trainings such as Salsa class and Tacos and Tequila for his home chapter. Gabe is a professional trainer with a wealth of information on many topics.

He is the epitome of a young professional and a leader. His mission in life is to help people be better and it shows.
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District 5 with Kristen Harris
Eric Ball chaired the 45th Annual Volkeslaufe Race this year for the Frankenmuth Jaycees. Though this was the first year the race has been virtual they still had over 400 racers!

Eric has been a member of the Frankenmuth Jaycees for nine years and has notably also chaired World Expo of Beer, one of the largest projects in the state!

Thanks for all you do, Eric!
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