Around the Mitten for June

Here’s our District Directors’ latest batch of Member Spotlights from Around the Mitten.

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District 1 with Sandy BredahlThis month, I shine a spotlight on Angela Rickett & the Ludington Area Jaycees.

This year has thrown so many events into the wind and having to be creative where needed. The Ludington Area Jaycees made a proposal to keep their Freedom Festival going, but not in the traditional sense.

Angela Rickett and the Ludington Area Jaycees, D1's Membership SpotlightThey made a proposal for a modified parade, porch decorating contest, virtual run, and more.

This was all done in making sure their community is safe fun family event. Angela and her team are doing an amazing job moving forward with this year. I look forward to their continued success.

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District 2 with Jen GroomAndrew Fountain has been a member of JCI Greater Muskegon for two years. His favorite Jaycee project is the JCI Greater Muskegon’s M Night event.

His chapter normally meets once a month at a local establishment for dinner and drinks, which is a great opportunity for those interested in joining the Jaycees to hang out and get to know him and other Jaycees on a personal level.

Andrew Fountain, JCI Greater Muskegon, D2 Member SpotlightAndrew has met so many people at these events, and he looks forward them! His favorite Jaycee memory is his first Brown Bag Auction event. He had no clue what to expect going into the event, and he had an absolute blast. He enjoys attending the Brown Bag Auction every year.

For a living Andrew is an Insurance Agent at Shoreline Insurance. Andrew has been married for 14 years to his beautiful wife and they have one 8 year old son. In his free time he loves spending time outdoors camping and fishing!

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District 3 with Carena TownsendJCI Michigan is proud to have Laine Putans as a member. Not only has she been actively involved in planning all of JCI Lansing’s membership events, she is a passion advocate for social injustice.

Laine Putans, JCI Lansing,D3 June Member SpotlightHer support for the Black Lives Matter movement through speaking out, listening, educating, and providing valuable resources has challenged us to become better as an organization and individuals.

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District 4 with Chris CrawfordJennifer Mansfield is obsessed with serving the community. Not only has she served several roles with the Redford Jaycees, she is also involved heavily in her community by working as a Sergeant in the Redford Township police department.

Jennifer Mansfield, Redford Jaycees Alumnae, Redford CERT, D4 June Membership SpotlightHelping to run the Redford CERT program, she is active in fighting human trafficking and works as a partner/trainer with Coeus Creative. Jen has been busy helping ensure the protests recently happening in her community went smoothly and safely. Jen is always willing to lend a hand or an ear.

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District 5 with Kristen HarrisD5 is busy planning for in person projects and meetings, as we reopen.


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