Around the Mitten for October

Here’s our District Directors’ latest batch of news and Member Spotlights from Around the Mitten.

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District 1 with Sandy Bredahl
Hard to believe we are getting closer to the end when I swear we haven’t even been able to begin yet! So many plans for traveling and meeting more people in my District sadly haven’t happened with many events cancelled, that I can only hope to get what I can in before the end of the year.

I’m super excited for the formation of JCI NoMI (Northern Michigan) and am very happy to be able to host our D1 social in their area! It was nice to be able to visit in person! I’m also excited to see all the continued creativity each chapter is showing as we continue to navigate through 2020!

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District 2 with Jen GroomJCI is a great organization to be a apart of, and I encourage every member to invite someone they know to an event, even if it’s virtual. Show them what JCI has to offer and even invite them to other chapter events.

The key to getting members who will be active in the organization is by engaging with them to begin with.

Invite them. Let them experience events. Explain what the Junior Chamber is, and we have to offer. And they can become apart of it.

Reach out to them. Ask how things are going. Invite them, and engage them. This is the first step. Once they express interest, that is the perfect time to ask them to join.

Feeling welcomed and a part of something is what every human seeks. Becoming a member and retaining an active member is very different. Chapters need to seek people who are a good fit for the chapter and want, to be active in our organization.

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District 3 with Carena TownsendD3 keeps fundraising while running through Virtual 5Ks. JCI Ionia kicked off the first D3 Virtual 5K the first weekend in October. Members across the state participated in the fun to support Ionia’s Operation Christmas and Senior Scholarship projects.

JCI Lansing has partnered with Woldumar Nature Center to a Trail 5K and is hosting the event from Oct 26 – Nov 8. Sign up here.

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District 4 with Chris Crawford
Given the challenges we have had to overcome this year, it would be easy to write this year off and to give up and give in. Many chapters have struggled in many areas from finding ways to recruit new members or how to activate existing membership. Chapters have struggled to find ways to create impact in their communities and have had to cancel Signature projects.

However, 2020 has created some amazing opportunities for our organization. We have seen chapters, like Livonia, create strategic partnerships in their community to provide food for frontline workers.

Chapters like Wyandotte, Rochester Area and Farmington reinvented their signature projects to be able to continue to fundraise during a global pandemic. Shout out to Rochester, Livonia, Farmington and Redford for leading the way with virtual socials and happy hour.

We have seen chapters find new creative ways to come together while socially distancing and still staying safe. Chapters continue to educate their chapter members and surrounding communities through training and events in the areas of politics, financial literacy and diversity inclusion.

Redford, Livonia and Westland still were able to organize socially distanced barbecues and park socials. Even as a District we were able to come together for a Slosh ball game and cook out social. Most recently District 4 came together to go to Blake’s Cider Mill to enjoy food, fellowship and some beverages.

Instead of focusing on what we cannot do, we have and should focus on what we can do. I am proud of all the chapters who have decided to do the work to find new ways to be the great organization we are. It is easy to be leaders when everything is going smoothly. The true test of leadership is how we respond during turbulent times. We are proving not only can we survive anything, but, that we will find ways to thrive.

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District 5 with Kristen HarrisOur D5 Pumpkin Patch social was so much fun that we’re planning a few more socials! First up is a virtual game night Thurs. Nov. 5th @ 8:30p. We’ll pick locations and dates for the rest of the year at that time!

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