Building Up the Hive for August

Jocelyn Moellering, 2020 Chief of Staff

Hello JCI Michigan!

Summer is in full swing, and chapters continue to be creative, shifting gears to continue making impact in their communities and their members. As you work to develop your projects, do you find yourself having difficulty delegating tasks? If so, look no further than the bees for inspiration.

In his blog, “5 Leadership Lessons: The Wisdom of the Bees,” Michael McKinney has this to say about distributing authority:

“With many thousands of employed workers, the queen couldn’t possibly direct all of the actions in the field from her command post. While the queen is the generic heart and soul of the hive, she is by no means the only leader. Those closest to the information should make the relevant decision. Decentralization is one of the hallmarks of the honeybee colony. Foraging decisions, for example, are made by the foragers. The information doesn’t travel up to the queen and back again. If you are thinking of shifting greater power away from the organizational core and into the field, however, consider these facts first: 1) bees have clear objectives; 2) they are excellent communicators and are able to quickly take in and consolidate information—and transform that information into coordinated action; and 3) they are reliable workers that are very good at what they do.”

As we develop leaders in our organization, it’s important not only to delegate tasks for the most efficient use of time and skills, but also to ensure that we state clear objectives, communicate effectively, and develop the skills necessary to complete delegated tasks. Then, our organization can run as smoothly as a beehive! Take care and I look forward to seeing you soon!

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