Building Up the Hive for July

Jocelyn Moellering, 2020 Chief of Staff

Hello JCI Michigan!

It’s hard to believe 2020 is halfway over! I know many of you are looking forward to spending time outside enjoying the beautiful Michigan summer.

I love seeing so many of our chapters getting creative on how to continue being safe as we reconnect with each other. I’m also really excited about our organization’s commitment to stand up for racial justice and the tangible steps we are taking to elevate black voices in our organization and in our communities.

The conversation back at our February conference got us off to a good start, and our members have made it clear that if we want to thrive as an organization, we must take a stand on this issue. I couldn’t be more excited for this critical shift to acknowledging, learning, growing and thriving as an organization.

In his book, The Wisdom of Bees, beekeeper, management consultant and professor Michael O’Malley talks about how leaders can look to bees for guidance.

He says,

“one of the principle ways that bees moderate extreme behaviors is through genetic diversity… This genetic diversity produces bees within the same hives that are deferentially sensitive to environmental conditions. For example, bees keep the temperature of the hive relatively constant at about ninety-three degrees Fahrenheit… The bees heat the hive by contracting two sets of flight muscles and cool the hive by flapping their wings. However, they don’t do this all at the same time… Fortunately, the bees differ in their sensitivity to temperature and alter their behavior at different times in response to climatic conditions…”

In other words, not only do we need to learn how to respond to each others’ needs, but we need to understand that our differences are critical to fulfilling our organization’s mission “To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.


I hope to see many of you soon, whether virtually or in person, and I hope you have a wonderful summer!

In Jaycees,
Jocelyn Moellering
Chief of Staff

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