Building Up the Hive for May

Jocelyn Moellering, 2020 Chief of Staff

Well, April was quite a month! For me, as a teacher, it was filled with finding new ways of doing things and not being afraid to collaborate and seek advice. I’ve also been learning a completely┬ánew way to balance my day and week to allow time to work, home school my two boys, be a Jaycee, and spend quality time with my family. I am definitely learning to appreciate what we have and have found new levels of gratitude I was not even aware of.

This month, I want to focus more on collaboration in this crazy new time. I strongly feel it is the key to success for our organization. Now, more than ever, we find ourselves creating innovative new ways to make an impact, and working with other organizations is a critical piece to our success.
David Zinger, a Winnipeg-based consultant, provides some great advice on collaboration. “Pollinate profusely: Honeybees pollinate while gathering nectar from outside the hive. Similarly, you need to reach out beyond your hive, collaborating with others as you share and gather new ideas from everywhere.” Think of your collaboration with civic and community organizations as a pollination of positive change whose effect can travel far and wide, even while we stay close to home.

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