Building up the Hive for November

Jocelyn Moellering, 2020 Chief of Staff

Hello JCI Michigan!

It’s that time of year when we begin transitioning to the future leadership of our chapters and state, while doing our best to keep our current leaders going strong through the end of the year. Transitions are hard. And 2020 makes them even harder. Goals were reevaluated or tossed, projects were rescheduled and reimagined, and yet uncertainty still lies ahead. Let’s look to the bees, as always, as a guide.

David Zinger, consultant for Employee Engagement Network, says this:


“Honeybees don’t live very long – perhaps a month in summer and six to seven months in winter – but during that brief lifetime they cycle through 15 to 20 tasks, including cleaning, brood tending, Queen tending, comb building, food handling, ventilation, guard duty, orientation flights, and foraging. The work flow and succession planning is phenomenal. With that in mind, he suggests you consider whether you are ensuring there is someone ready or being trained for every role and function in your organization to make transitions seamless.”

He suggests a way to do that: help members experience progress and stop packaging work within tightly defined jobs and roles.

We can take this advice into our chapters and remember that no matter what role we currently hold or will hold in the near future, we are all part of the same team and our flexibility to think on our feet and adapt to changes is critical to both the transition process and the success of our chapters.

I look forward to seeing you soon, and if you need help with transition in your chapters, please let me know!

In Jaycees,
Jocelyn Moellering

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