Building Up the Hive in April

Jocelyn Moellering, 2020 Chief of Staff

JCI Michigan,

It is definitely a year like no other, and things are changing constantly. We must be flexible and adapt to change in order for our organization to continue to make an impact and be relevant. JCI teaches us how to plan ahead, deal with unexpected challenges, and adapt. We can also look to the bees as examples. Below is an excerpt adapted from an article by Linh Tran:

Bees have developed a sophisticated system to deal with and mitigate risks. They can easily adapt to changes in the weather and other unforeseeable events. They also know how to work with constraints in place. They will work tirelessly during spring and summer to produce enough food for the winter months, during which they obviously won’t be able to collect anything. 

We also need to be aware of risks and have processes in place that help us avoid these risks entirely, or if that’s not possible, mitigate their effects. Situations can change very quickly, so we always need to have contingency plans in place. 

Thank you for your flexibility, ingenuity, and resilience during this unforeseen time. Continue to collaborate and communicate with each other. Be patient and kind with one another, knowing we are all experiencing different situations right now. I look forward to seeing you very soon, even if it’s virtual for now. Take care and stay safe!



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