The Michigan Jaycees is an exciting, action-packed organization designed to provide young people leadership skills and experiences they can use throughout their lives including in the home, at work, in their communities, and in any situation demanding leadership of self and others. As a member, you have come to know what it takes to be a leader.

Now you have the opportunity to choose our leadership team for 2018, from the list of certified candidates listed below, which best embody the Jaycee values and leadership skills we expect – those qualifications are:

  • Live by the Jaycee Creed.
  • Share a vision of success and a plan to get there.
  • Set a good example.
  • Listen to others ideas and be fair.
  • Devote the time necessary to handle the responsibilities of their position.
  • Work with other Jaycee leaders to make the Jaycees successful and enjoyable.
  • See that the organization runs well, grows, and meets the needs of the members.
  • Act as liaison to community, business, non-profit, and government organizations, to make the Jaycees impactful in our greater community.
  • Offer great leadership conferences (a leadership growth opportunity).


Certified Candidates for 94th President:


Adam J. Nelson



Instagram: @inspirelegacy

Certified Candidates for 2018 Programming Vice President:


Sarah Austin

Certified Candidates for 2018 Membership Vice President:


Steven S. Fappas


Certified Candidates for District 1 Director:

Certified Candidates for District 2 Director:
Cara Kemp
Certified Candidates for District 3 Director:
Certified Candidates for District 4 Director:
Rebecca Markonni
Certified Candidates for District 5 Director:

Danielle Daugharty


Please check out the video from Meet the Candidates below: