Candidate for Programming Vice President: Carena Townsend

Carena Townsend

Candidate for Programming Vice President

Ann Arbor Jaycees

Nominating Chapter

1st Ann Arbor Jaycees

2nd JCI Kalamazoo

What is your current employment and what types of responsibilities do you most often fulfill for your career? What do you like about your career best?
I have worked for the University of Michigan for over 5 years in various capacities. In July 2020, I began a new role in the School of Nursing as the Recruiting Manager working, with the recruiting and communications teams. In this position, I serve as a project and events manager for our undergraduate and graduate programs.

What do you consider to be your three greatest assets?
My three greatest assets are creativity, organization, and relationship building. Joining the Jaycees has allowed me to create new, fun projects that engage members. Through my experience serving as the chair for many projects, and being an event manager in my day job, I've gained strong organizational skills to ensure projects and events run smoothly. Additionally, Jaycees has helped me build my confidence to build and maintain relationships.

What is the most important role of the position you are running for?
In my opinion, the most important role of the Programming VP is to engage members and chapters in creating and offering valuable programs to help members grow personally and professionally, while making positive change in their communities.

Are there any new ideas or programs you would like to implement?
I would like to create a fundraiser during 2021 that would create scholarships and assistance to members who'd like to be able to attend JCI Michigan events and conferences, but do not have the finances available to do so. My goal is to create a sustainable fundraiser, so that future Programming teams are able to run something similar to continue to support this initiative.

What do you think is the greatest need of this organization right now?
Accessibility. At this time, we offer a lot of wonderful events and opportunities to gain skills through competitions and presentations. But, until COVID-19, few of these events were accessible to all of our members. It is important, that in a time of endless technology, we offer all our members the option to access our events and competitions.

What inspired you to seek the position you are running for?
I was inspired to run for Programming VP because I want to make sure every member is able to take part in our statewide community. I felt that there were members feeling left out due to ability, finances, and time, when events were held in other parts of the state and they were unable to attend. Additionally, creating fun programs for my local chapter and D3 has allowed me to discover my love of programming, I hope to inspire other members to create events.

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