Chaplain’s Corner

Hello Jaycees!

It’s that time of year more than ever for gratitude. What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving, holiday season, and year?

I’m grateful and thankful for frontline workers and all they do every day of the year. They are going above and beyond, especially this year, to bring us all we need from food, healthcare, safety, teaching resources, and a whole lot more. Thank you so much to our JCI MI frontline workers and to those that sent in their names to receive a personal thank you card in the mail. The thank you cards are now on their way to our frontline workers mailboxes.

I am also grateful for JCI MI, all of the opportunities available in this great organization and all of you Jaycees near and far. This organization and many Jaycees friends have encouraged me over the years to try new roles both in and outside of my comfort zone and I am so grateful to you and for having done so.

It is with gratitude that when I count my blessings I count the Jaycees. I wish you all the very best, health, and happiness always!

Take care everyone and let’s keep connecting with our Jaycee friends near and far. Enjoy the holiday season and stay safe!

In Jaycees,
Chaplain Beth

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