Creed: “Earth’s Great Treasure”

“True treasure  lies in the hearts of men.  There is about us a vast opportunity for the cultivation of the human personality.”  The words of C. William Brownfield, one of the founders of the Jaycees and the author of the Jaycee Creed.  (Hint hint to all those competing in Jaycee Jeopardy next conference.) No other human being that exists now or ever has will experience the same combination of circumstances that make up your life.  Every one of us is made up of their own unique combination of beliefs, values, motivations, talents, skills, and knowledge. Each person brings value to the world by virtue of their existence and has the potential to use their unique gifts for the betterment of the world around them.  All of these factors that make-up an individual, that shape personality, create a treasure meant to be dispersed. The tricky part can be to finding the opportunity to share it.

    As a baby Jaycee; during that first incredible year, the thing that I relished most in during my first experiences chairing projects, was the variety of ideas, talents, and skill brought to the table by committee members.  Everyone brought a part of their treasure and shared it . Watching as this collaboration took place and came together to create something completely new and uniquely impactful, something my treasure and efforts alone never would have brought about, satisfied in a way I have never found proper words to express.

    I believe the beauty of being a JCI member lies in the opportunity to discover, create, and share your treasure, as well as discovering the treasure brought by others.  So do it! Discover, create, and most importantly bring the treasure that is uniquely yours and share it with your members of your chapter, to members of surrounding chapters and create impact that would not otherwise be possible.

    Earth’s great treasure lies in human personality.  There is treasure all around!

~ Monica Valdes, JCI Kalamazoo

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