Does your chapter need help recruiting? We bring you One Team One Drive!

JCI MI is trying something new when it comes to membership recruitment. When you told us you were unsure of how to recruit members we took that feedback and ran with it. So on August 31st there will be a fun membership training drive for the entire state called One Team One Drive. All across Michigan we will all be focusing on having fun and taking action on letting people know about JCI Michigan!
The goal of the drive is to learn how to attract members, how to get your chapters noticed, and how get out of your comfort zone by completing informative and fun challenges. The State will mail out a toolkit so you can participate in the project with minimal planning, and NO COST! You can also feel free to make your own flyers and materials too if you would like!
We need a champion from each chapter that will coordinate with us and get the materials to your team. Is that you? All you need, at minimum, is a team of 2 people but you can have as many teams as you would like! Lets learn and grow together!  Register your team right now on eventbrite! You can even share your 'team' page to get more teammates!

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