Fall 2019

JCI Michigan is excited to welcome you to Battle Creek for our September Conference. We have a great weekend of networking, training, and fun in store. Additionally JCI Michigan will be holding our annual elections for the 2020 JCI Michigan State Officers.

Hotel Information:

McCamly Plaza Hotel, 50 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI 49017

Rooms are $105 per night and can be booked  by calling 888-622-2659 and saying you are with the JCI Michigan / Michigan Jaycee Leadership Conference

*If you need a vegetarian meal, please indicate that in the registration and we can accommodate. 


What is the alcohol policy?
It is similar to most hotels. In general, if you are someplace in the hotel that can sell alcohol you are not allowed to bring your own in. So this means the lobby bar, conference rooms, ballroom, break out rooms, etc.; you will not be able to bring in your own drinks. If you are suspected of drinking your own alcohol in these areas you will be asked to discard your drink.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
No, you do not. Please be prepared to give your name and Photo ID when checking in at conference

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Contact 2019 Chief Operations Officer Sarah Austin at [email protected]

What’s the refund policy?
Registrations are non-refundable

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?
Yes. To transfer a registration please email Chief Operations Officer Sarah Austin [email protected] with the name of the person you are transferring your registration to. It is up to the original owner of the registration to work out a payment arrangement. JCI Michigan will not be responsible for transferring money between parties.

What are the meal selections?

Saturday Breakfast: Seasonal Sliced Fresh Fruit Display, Bagels with Cream Cheese, Assorted Gourmet Muffins and Danish, Hard Boiled Eggs, Yogurt

Saturday Lunch choices

  • BLT Sandwich –  Applewood Smoked Bacon, Tomato, Romaine, Avocado and Basil Aioli on Ciabatta Bread. 
  • Michigan Chicken Salad Sandwich – Served on Ciabatta Bread
  • Club Wrap – Shaved Turkey and Ham with American Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayonnaise wrapped in a Flour Tortilla.
  • Vegetarian Wrap – Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Wild Mushrooms, Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Red Onion, Romaine Lettuce, and Parmesan Cheese wrapped in a Spinach Tortilla
  • Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad – Romaine Lettuce, Croutons, Parmesan Cheese, tossed with a Creamy Caesar Dressing and topped with Grilled Chicken Breast.

Saturday Dinner choices

  • Grilled Chicken – Herb Grilled Chicken Breast with Artichoke, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Smoked Mozzarella
  • Braised Short Rib – House Braised Boneless Short Rib served with Herb Roasted Vegetable Puree
  • Risotto – Gorgonzola, Spinach vegetables served with House-made Focaccia Bread

Sunday Breakfast: Chilled Orange Juice, Scrambled Eggs, Smoked Bacon, Breakfast Potatoes, Assorted Muffins, Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee and Herbal Tea

Tentative Schedule


4:30PM SPE Presentations

7PM First Timers

8PM Opening Ceremony

10PM Elections Open

10PM Welcome Party

9:30PM Competitions


7:30AM Breakfast

8AM Business Meeting

9AM – 12PM Training

12PM Lunch / JCI Talks

1PM Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution Community Event

6PM Cocktail Reception

7PM Dinner

8PM Awards and Inauguration

10PM Party


10 AM Fellowship Breakfast

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2019 September Leadership Conference training schedule

Saturday, Sept. 7


Presidents Training:

In this interactive training seminar, 2019 State President Steve Fappas and organizational consultant Gabe Murillo will highlight lessons that chapter Presidents can learn from one of nature’s most structured organizations: the wolf pack. Topics include but are not limited to: distribution of decision making, motivating groups, and developing internal leadership. Chapter presidents will also have time for group discussion and brainstorming. This training seminar is for chapter presidents only. 

Gabe Murillo is a Senior Sourcer at AVRA Talent Partners. AVRA Talent Partners is a start-up talent agency that offers consulting and recruiting services to mission-driven startups while evangelizing the future of work: remote employment. Before working at AVRA, Gabe coached National Championship winning collegiate debate teams. Gabe was awarded the honor of being named the top collegiate debater in the country during his time competing for Wayne State University. A Redford Jaycee, Murillo served on the training team that delivered the keynote training seminar during the JCI USA National Convention in Denver. 


End Your Year Strong with the Membership Team: 

Join the 2019 Membership Team for a conversation on ways to end the year strong for membership in your chapter. This will include how to complete your year-end membership review, finding your replacement on the board, and running strong membership projects like membership drives in the final trimester. One project that can help you recruit, activate, and retain members is the Kindness Rally, and we’ll have the opportunity to answer questions and share ideas on how your chapter can participate.


Year End Award Submissions with the Programming Team:

Do you want to submit for Year End Submissions but not sure what to do?  The Programming Team welcomes you to join them to review Year End Submissions. The team  will cover Year End Awards for both individuals (Memorial Awards such as Peacock, Luthy, Stark, Lichwala) and chapters, how to apply for them, the interview process, any questions you have, and more! 


Game On! Intro to State of Michigan Licenses:

Discover the benefits your chapter could reap from a non-profit liquor license and charitable gaming license with lawyer Bennen Gorman. This training seminar will lay out all the steps, from the application process to operating with a license and more importantly, common violations to avoid. Utilize Gorman’s professional experience to help your chapter fundraise successfully while ensuring compliance with the Michigan Liquor Control Code.

Brennen Gorman is a liquor lawyer who works daily with Michigan liquor licensed retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers on assisting with the licensing process and representing clients when they violate state liquor law. Gorman has been practicing law since 2016 but has been assisting in the industry since 2013. He currently serves as the President of JCI Greater Muskegon.




Jaycee 101: Are you a new member or have questions about the Jaycee organization? Then this training seminar is for you! Past State President and current Primary Advisor Steve Pickelmann will go over the surface-level information to get you a little better acclimated to being a Jaycee. Discussion topics include Jaycees Acronyms, a little history, and how to get the most out of your time in the organization!

Steve Pickelmann has been a Jaycee since January 2008 and has held numerous leadership positions over the years including his roles as State President in 2016 and National Vice President in 2018. He is an insurance producer with Judd Insurance Agency and currently lives in Kalamazoo with his family.


Leading with Empathy: As a society we are instantly connected to thousands of people through our phones every minute of every day and yet people are lonelier than ever.  That’s because our phones give us a false sense of connection. People want a deeper sense of connection, especially when they are going through difficult things in their lives.  Empathy is the bridge to that deeper connection. In this training, you’ll learn how to respond in an empathetic way when people share their vulnerabilities with you and how to avoid many pitfalls that sever the connection. Having good empathy skills is helpful in all aspects of life!

Tina Fuster graduated with a BS in psychology from Western Michigan University and is currently serving as JCI Kalamazoo’s Marketing and Social Media Director.


Belonging and Inclusion Through Community: Have you ever wanted to diversify your chapter but don’t know how? Join Mary Beth Shafer and Kymi Toliver for a profound discussion on how to grow your chapter through the values of belonging and inclusion. This training seminar will focus on 3 things:

  1. How to grow diversity through community and how accomplishing this will lead to natural membership growth.
  2. How to make sure your chapter is creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.
  3. Not using micro aggressions. 

Kymi Toliver, first of her name, bringer of sparkles, is a graduate of Michigan State University and Kellogg Community with degrees in Communications and Paralegal Studies. Kymi is also a Notary Public and certified leasing professional. She has been a Kalamazoo Jaycee since 2012 and has been recognized with numerous state awards, including a David Lichwala Memorial Award and a Martin P Luther Memorial Award as local president and most recently with the Sandra K Luikes Memorial Award for Outstanding District Director. 

MaryBeth Schafer joined the Grand Rapids Jaycees in 2008 and has chaired numerous projects and held various board positions over the years before being elected as chapter president in 2018. Schaefer is a special education teacher for Grand Rapids Public Schools.


JCI Effective Communication: This training seminar will explain the concepts of effective communication and the many forms it comes in including verbal, non-verbal, written and listening so that active citizens can create sustainable impact through effective communication and action. It is an official JCI course; participation is limited to the first 60 registered. This training seminar is the first of a two-part session.

 Anna Versalle is a member and past president of JCI Kalamazoo since 2010 and a member of JCI Lansing since 2014. Currently serving as JCI Michigan Secretary, Anna has previous experience as an officer or committee member at all levels of JCI. Anna has achieved her 10th Degree in the Passport to Civic Leadership, achieved recognition at both the state and national level as an outstanding member and local organization vice president and was recognized as one of the top local organization presidents by JCI Michigan in 2015. Anna lives in Kalamazoo with her cats Ari and Fletch and her mother Paula.




JCI Communication Part Two:

This training seminar is the second of a two-part session.


Financial Literacy:

Learn how to apply basic budgeting principles to both your personal and Jaycee goals with financial advisor Chris Crawford, who will take you through the creation of a budget and tips on how to adjust it as needed but also adhere to it. 

Chris Crawford is a financial consultant with Fidelity Investments, and has worked in finance since 2011. He has previously covered financial topics like retirement plans and budgeting for JCI-MI. Crawford currently serves as the 66th president of the Livonia Jaycees.


Leadership Envelopes:

 JCI USA powerhouse duo Emily Nock and Miranda Williams will dive into what qualities and skills make a leader through the interactive team-building exercise known as “Leadership Envelopes.” This training seminar will help groups translate abstract leadership principles into practical on-the-job behaviours. In the end, participants will be empowered to evaluate the best ideas to identify the most useful behaviours.

Miranda Williams currently serves as the 2019 Chairman of the Board for the Mississippi Jaycees. Her numerous roles with the Jaycee organization include 2019 State President of JCI Mississippi, Dixie Institute Advisor and National Awards Committee. She has been a Jaycee since 2011 and currently serves as JCI USA’s Program Manager for Shoot For Success. Williams is the Public Information Officer for the Petal Police Department in Mississippi.

Emily Nock currently serves as the National Membership Development Director for JCI USA. She joined the Salisbury Jaycees in 2011 to help with the annual Christmas Parade and has continued to rise in the organization with roles on JCI USA’s Strategic Planning Committee, State President in 2017 and has been recognized as a JCI USA Ambassador and Senator. She is president of the Nock Insurance Agency.


Functional Medicine Approach to Health:

Join Dr. Jeff Senechal of the South Lyon Jaycees for a training seminar addressing common health conditions from weight to chronic health conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Look deeper into how stress affects your adrenal and thyroid health and learn about how functional medicine looks for the cause of disease rather than treat symptoms with medications.

Jeff Senechal is a graduate of Life University in Marietta, Georgia and has been an associate with Diverse Health Services since 2009. Active in his community, Senechal lectures on various health topics and is a member of the South Lyon Business Network International Group and Michigan Association of Chiropractors. He is currently the Vice President of the South Lyon Junior Chamber and has served as local chapter president on two occasions.  



Join JCI Michigan to hear local, state and national officers speak on topics that will inspire you to build your Jaycee legacy and dream big about your future. Styled like a TED talk, each JCI Talk speaker will have seven minutes to capture your attention and fuel you with what you need to make 2019 a success. JCI Talks will immediately follow the Networking Lunch on Saturday. This conference topic is passion!

Speakers will include (not in order):

  • Steve Fappas
  • Michelle McGrann
  • Jim Williams
  • Miranda Williams



Get Glam with Nikki Dobos:

Ever wanted to be extra glam and fancy for Saturday night of conference but didn’t know where to start? #kalamacool’s very own Nikki Dobos is here to help! Bring your own makeup and a mirror and Nikki will help walk you thru some red carpet ready looks! You’ll be able to ask questions and get help in real time! Don’t have something? She’s got your back. Don’t fret. Makeup is supposed to be fun not stressful! So grab your stuff and let out your inner glam! You might even learn some tricks to help streamline your everyday routine. 

Nikki Dobos is a professional makeup and special effects having worked on several films and with many celebrities. (Boy, does she have some fun stories!) She is also the creator, artistic director, hair and makeup artist, stylist, and all around spooky badass of The Face of Fear. Find her on Instagram at @nikkidthemua. Dobos has been a member of JCI Kalamazoo since 2016 and has been recognized as the 2017 Year End Speak Up winner and 2018 Stark Memorial Award recipient. She currently serves as Executive Vice President of her chapter.

impact in action: group SOAP outreach project

During our conference we will be taking action against human trafficking in West Michigan with the Organization SOAP (Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution). Please come be part of this amazing day with us! SOAP outreaches provide information, hope, and the knowledge that someone truly does care to victims of human Trafficking. Outreaches also assist in locating missing teens and children. Together with the local community JCI conference members will be distributing tools in the community that directly help victims. We will have a presentation by SOAP leader, Jennifer Mansfield, and then teams will go out into the hotels nearby to leave information to raise awareness.