Join JCI Michigan and our families 6/29 - 7/1 for a weekend at the beautiful Black Lake.

Some of the activities include:

  • Hikes
  • Campfires
  • Biking
  • Golf
  • Canoe and Kayaks
  • Pool
  • Recenter

Room rates

  • Standard room $70.75
  • Family Unit $105.00
  • Campsite $35.00

Block ends June 9th

Call or go online group code: MIJRCH18

Includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.

$55/adult $40/Child(4-11)

Vehicles: There is no driving on Center grounds. All guests are shuttled from the Reception Center or from the outside parking lot. Only North American/Union made vehicles are allowed on the property. Vehicles allowed to park inside at the Reception Center their VIN#would start with a 1, 2, 4, or 5. All other would park outside the entrance and be shuttled inside.
The Vehicle Policy is the same for the campground.  I have been told that the majority of RVs and motorhomes are made in North America by union workers so it’s not normally an issue.  If a guest has a fifth-wheel and their truck does not meet the Center’s vehicle criteria, the can drive to the campground unload the trailer and then they park the truck in the outside lot for the duration of their stay.  A camper on a chassis that doesn’t meet the Center’s Vehicle Policy will not be allowed into the campground so you’ll want to make sure that your attendees are aware of the criteria before they pack up their RV and head north for the weekend.