First Trimester Awards Recap

Here are our honorees from the First Trimester, which were recognized on May 23 and June 20:

Programming Awards of Excellence

  • JCI Greater Flint
  • The Kindness Rally Committee
  • Parks and Rec Film-It!, JCI Allegan
  • Joel Adkins, Wyandotte Jaycees
  • JCI South Kent

Single Project Entries

  • Membership DevelopmentVirtual PMG Training, JCI Greater Muskegon
  • Inter-Organization & Civic CollaborationDine-Out for Flanders Park, Farmington Area Jaycees
  • Financial Development & Economic GrowthSnowfest, JCI Greater Muskegon
  • Local Community Development Virtual Egg Hunt, JCI Kalamazoo

Unsung Hero

  • Joel Adkins, Wyandotte Jaycces

Professional Skills Competition

  • Masters Speak-UpJames Dreher, JCI Greater Flint
  • Prepared Speak-UpKelley Warren, JCI South Kent
  • Impromptu Speak-UpDerek Brunt, Westland Area Jaycces
  • Prepared Write-UpMegan Maiani, Wyandotte Jaycees
  • Jayteen Write-UpAshlynn Abshire, Wyandotte Jayteens
  • Online Professional Social NetworkingDerek Brunt, Westland Area Jaycees
  • You’re Hired!Kelley Warren, JCI South Kent
  • DebateWestland Area Jaycees
  • Film-It!Mariah Jenness, Livonia Junior Chamber

Auxilary Officers’ Incentives

Director Incentives

  • Andrea Randall, JCI South Kent
  • Arienna King, JCI Kalamazoo
  • Mariah Jenness, Livonia Junior Chamber

Secretary Incentives

  • Courtney Scott, Westland Area Jaycees
  • Maegan Jenkins, Clare Area Jaycees
  • Amanda Lozier, JCI Kalamazoo
  • Jeremy Mossner, Frankenmuth Jaycees
  • Mariesa DeAngelis, Wyandotte Jaycees
  • Erin VerBerkmoes, JCI Greater Flint
  • Mariah Jenness, Livonia Junior Chamber

Treasurer Incentives

  • Erin VerBerkmoes, JCI Greater Flint
  • Elizabeth Abshire, Wyandotte Jaycees
  • Abbey Jones, JCI South Kent

Vice Presidents’ Incentives

  • Tina Fuster, JCI Kalamazoo
  • Jessica Anderson, JCI Lansing
  • James Dreher, JCI Greater Flint
  • Monica Valdes, JCI Kalamazoo
  • Shannon Brunt, Westland Area Jaycees
  • Derek Brunt, Westland Area Jaycees
  • Olivia Howard, Frankenmuth Jaycees

Passport to Civic Leadership

  • Clare Area Jaycees
    • Sandra Guzowski – 2nd degree
    • Maegan Jenkins – 1st, 2nd degreees
  • Farmington Area Jaycees
    • Stephanie Sedlar – 2nd degree
  • Frankenmuth Jaycees
    • Annie Novotney – 5th, 6th, 7th degrees
    • Eric Ball – 1st, 2nd, 3rd degrees
    • Olivia Howard– 1st degree
    • Nathan Flynn– 1st degree
  • Grand Rapids Junior Chamber
    • Jennifer Baker– 8th, 9th degrees
  • JCI Greater Muskegon
    • Rachel Stewart – 1st, 2nd degrees
    • Emily Morgenstern – 1st degree
    • Kristen Ebey – 1st, 2nd degrees
  • JCI Kalamazoo
    • Jennifer VanOosterhout – 7th,8th degrees
    • Nikki Dobos – 6th, 7th, 8th degrees
    • Arienna King – 5th degree
    • Brenna LaForge – 1st degree
  • JCI Lansing
    • Jake Anderson- 1, 2
  • Livonia Junior Chamber
    • Kimberly Black- 4
    • Kelsi McClure- 1, 2
    • Renee Gesinger- 3, 4
    • Mark Cooke- 1
    • Mariah Jenness- 1, 2
  • JCI South Kent
    • Jennifer Groom- 6
    • Heather Pilarz- 2

Jayteens 10th Degree

  • Trista Counts, Frankenmuth Jaycees

Membership Awards of Excellence

  • Kelley Warren, JCI South Kent
  • Daily Zoom Check-ins, JCI Kalamazoo
  • Clare Area Jaycees

Top 5 – Civic Leadership Certification

5. JCI Lansing
4. Wyandotte Jaycees
3. Westland Area Jaycees
2. JCI Greater Muskegon
1. JCI Kalamazoo

Chapter of the Trimester

JCI Greater Muskegon


The following chapters and members were recognized in the JCI USA Virtual 2019 Year-End Awards:

Best Peace Project Finalists

  • The Kindness Rally, JCI Lansing
  • Kindness Rally Wyandotte, Wyandotte Jaycees

Interorganizational Collaboration Finalists

  • Activate: Metro Detroit’s Startup and Small Business Conference, Livonia and Redford Junior Chambers

Local Community Empowerment (William B. Robertson Award) Finalists

  • No Sew for a Cure, JCI Lansing
  • Dear Soldier: Thank You Cards for the Troops, JCI Rochester Area

Local Economic Development Finalists

  • Snowfest, JCI Greater Muskegon
  • Purgatory Haunted House, Wyandotte Jaycees

Local Growth & Development Finalists

  • 80th Anniversary Celebration, JCI Allegan
  • Personal Branding 101, JCI Greater Muskegon

Local Personal Development Finalists

  • Boards on Boards on Boards, Ann Arbor Jaycees
  • Member Dairy Farm Tour, JCI Allegan

Long Term Community Empowerment Finalists (Dr. Jerry Bruce Memorial Award)

  • 8th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, JCI Greater Muskegon
  • Kalamazoo Egg Hunt, JCI Kalamazoo

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Finalist

  • Muskegon Bike Share, JCI Greater Muskegon

Dennis Hamilton Memorial Award (State Flagship Project)

  • The Kindness Rally
  • No Shame, Healthier Choices
  • JCI Talks

Steve Little Award (State Growth & Development Program)

  • Local Organization Training School
  • Heroes vs. Villians Boat Bash

Andrew & Charlotte Mungenast Award (Outstanding Jaycee Family)

  • The Behrmann Family, Livonia Junior Chamber
  • The Moellering Family, JCI Rochester Area

Special Partner Award

  • Sarah Fappas, 2019 JCI MI First Lady

Civic Leadership Certification Chapter – 90% or more

  • JCI Rochester Area

Clarence H. Howard Memorial Award (Most Outstanding Local Chapter)

  • JCI Rochester Area

Civic Leadership Certification State – 90% or more

  • JCI Michigan

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