Guest Article: Wyandotte Jaycees are “one of the most outstanding organizations in our city”

The [Wyandotte Jaycees] are one of the more outstanding organizations in our city. 

I have had the privilege to witness their work ethic as they pursue programs and activities within our community. I am extremely impressed with their ability to multitask in addition to being very self-motivated and willing to do whatever it takes to complete the task. The Wyandotte Jaycees leadership abilities and eagerness to learn are extremely beneficial to them and our city. They are the example of team players. They are the type of people who are an asset to any team they decide to join. 

The Wyandotte Jaycees have always displayed a high level of determination and have proven to be an excellent organization. They are self-starters, very resourceful, and able to complete complex tasks to accomplish their goals. They display tremendous drive and willpower to complete tasks that have been assigned. They are people who use their experiences to help make their organization and Wyandotte better…, and they continue to impress me. 


Todd M. Browning,

City Treasurer

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