Happy July, JCI Michigan

Sarah K. Austin, 96th President

Happy July JCI Michigan!

We are now at the halfway point for the 2020 year, and though many of our plans for the first half of 2020 were put on hold, we still have plenty of time left in 2020 to make a difference and BE THE ONE!

The first six-months of 2020 have taught us many things — COVID gave us the opportunity to try new ways of doing things, some of which will stay even after we are fully back to normal.

We have heard the feedback of our members and are taking actions to move JCI Michigan forward in the areas of diversity, inclusion and racial awareness. We have watched new, up and coming, leaders take charge of events on a local, state and international level. Though, there were many downsides to all the things that happened in the world during the first six-months, I also see tremendous success because of the actions taken by our members.

Now that we are starting to be able to hold local in person events, I wanted to share an opportunity for chapters to receive some financial assistance from the US Jaycees Foundation. The Foundation is offering $5,000 Local Community Grants to make a difference in the lives and livelihoods of the people who serve in our community to assist in getting through this pandemic through community-wide effort. More information on the US Jaycee Foundation grants can be found at https://usjcfoundation.com/programs/grants/

I look forward to seeing you all in person soon. As you start having in person events across the state and would like to have visitors please reach out to your District Directors so they can let us all know the amazing things going on in your communities.

There are a few upcoming JCI Events that I want to make sure you all have on your radar:

Yours in Service,
Sarah K. Austin
96th President JCI Michigan

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