Happy June, JCI Michigan

Sarah K. Austin, 96th President

We are now finally seeing the light at the end of the COVID Stay Home, Stay Safe process. I am SO excited to be able to get out and see all of you in person in the next few weeks!

It was so great to “see” all of you over the last month as we held #VirtualBoyne! We had an amazing training day, exciting virtual competitions, learned about all the great projects throughout the state as part of Virtual SPE presentations, and, OF COURSE, we had a ton of fun at the many Virtual Socials! Thank you all for your participation and helping make it feel “normal-ish”.


But, it’s not quite over as we will have First Trimester Virtual Awards on June 20th.


Speaking of awards, please join us Friday, June 5th at 8pm, as JCI Michigan hosts a Facebook viewing party for the JCI USA 2019 Awards. I know there were a lot of great individuals, projects, and chapters from Michigan that were submitted to JCI USA for year end; I just KNOW that we will shine on Friday!

Finally, I want to let everyone know what is going on with Fall Conference. As you all know we originally planned to have Fall Conference at the Delta Kalamazoo the weekend of October 2nd through 4th. Because of conflicts in scheduling related to COVID, we had to move the date, and subsequently the location for our Fall Conference.

We will now be having our Fall conference October 9 through 11, at the Holiday Inn Express in Grand Rapids. Though we were sad that we had to move, I assure you this new location will be great, and we are going to have an amazing time! BUT WAIT, we have not left Kalamazoo out of the fun. We will be having the Third Trimester conference and 2020 Year End Celebration at the Delta Kalamazoo February 19 through 21, 2021!

Once again thank you all for all you have done to Be The One during these difficult times. You all make me proud to be a member of JCI Michigan every day!

Yours in Service,
Sarah K. Austin
96th President JCI Michigan

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