How I found The Kindness Rally and its role in my journey to becoming a Jaycee

 By: Michael Langworthy, Cadillac Jaycees

  One day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed looking for new things to share with my small Facebook community connected to my YouTube channel. I was looking for things that were uplifting or inspirational because that was what the channel and community I was building was all about. Being a Better Human is what I called the group, and it was my mission to find others that were faced with depression or just felt lonely and needed some words of encouragement to lift them up.  I knew what it was like to experience those things and I was going to do my best to make sure others knew that they, even though they might not see it, were not alone in their struggles.

     That is when I saw a post for an event called The Kindness Rally.  I read the description and knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of it. I needed to reach out to find out more about this event and who was putting it together. This event lined up with my mission and I felt it would be a great opportunity for content on my channel. I asked to be put in touch with whomever was responsible and by the connectivity of social media I was soon talking to a member of the local Jaycee chapter.   

     Through a number of messages, we arranged our first sit down together. We went to a local bookstore/cafe and I asked more in depth questions about where the idea came from for The Kindness Rally and more about the Jaycee organization as a whole. After a fantastically nervous (for myself at least) first conversation it was then that decided I should go to a meeting to propose my idea of collaboration with the Jaycees and my YouTube channel.

     I went home so excited but nervous at the same time.  Not only am I getting a chance to work with an established local organization but now I have to talk to them in a meeting and tell them why they should let this one guy and his 15-subscriber YouTube channel be a partner in their international event.

     I was more nervous than I needed to be at that meeting. Everyone was very welcoming and easy to talk to. I found a number of friends sitting around the table which I had been spending more time with lately and was unaware they were Jaycees. After they agreed that I could hang with them and take photos for my YouTube channel and Facebook page I was again very excited because now I was officially part of this event.

      We schedule an interview with some Jaycee members so they could talk about the event and what the Jaycees were all about so it could be cross posted to our social media.  Though I was very novice to interviewing it went quite smoothly I feel. I did unfortunately loose video from my main camera and had to use the footage from my 2ndbut I edited my first ever interview and posted it.

     Fast forward to the event itself, I followed a team through their day of providing wonderful uplifting messages throughout our community space and businesses. Every person involved was enjoying the day and every recipient was happy to see us.  One of the other teams even got to sing Happy Birthday to 90-year-old veteran.


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     This one day was the day I decided I was going to look more into becoming a Jaycee myself. The impact The Kindness Rally had on not only its recipients, but the participants was clear. I wanted to continue to feel good about what I was doing and be able to do more, the Jaycees were my next logical step. The Kindness Rally was in August, the next week I changed my job, started my first business in September, moved to a new apartment in October, attended a Jaycee social in November, and was sworn into my Jaycee chapter that December.

    I am doing my best to make sure the personal growth continues every day. I have since attended my first conference where I made many new friends and connections, as well as attending training to be a better leader. I am chairing an upcoming event, and I’ve made partnerships to help grow my business. I never thought any of this was in my reach. With all these accomplishments and more, my view of my world has changed, and I have gained the confidence to be the one to change it.

 By: Michael Langworthy, Cadillac Jaycees

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