Humblebrag: Lisa Bradley from Ann Arbor Jaycees teaches us how to keep our head in the game

I would like to take a few moments to brag about a member of our Wolfpack, Lisa Bradley.

You might think that after serving as the Ann Arbor President two years in a row, Lisa might be tired. She might want to take a break from being a Jaycee.  You would be wrong.

Lisa is not only rocking as Chairman of the Board for Ann Arbor this year, she also is owning competitions at a National level.  I had the opportunity to hear her award winning master speak up speech in Texas over the weekend. Let me just tell you, it was amazing. If you didn’t get to watch live, please go to JCI Michigan’s facebook page and watch it! Go ahead, go right now!

For those of you who don’t have Facebook, or the time to watch this, here’s a brief summary.  Lisa spoke about getting into a Jaycee funk.  How do you get yourself out?  You write down three things: why you joined, who supports you and what projects make an impact in your life and community.

This time of year is tough for people. Winter is coming. Life is happening. Why bother with JCI?  Take a moment to reflect on your three things. Reach out to your JCI village. Reconnect with the projects you are passionate about. Tell a new friend about why you joined.  (And then, I don’t know, maybe even try and recruit that friend?)

If you are looking for some fun times, come visit your friendly D3 pack members. We’ll always show you a good time to fill that Jaycee cup!


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