If you don’t know the Ionia Jaycees, you need to.

Ionia Jaycees. Can we talk about those guys for a minute?

If you have never been to an event with the Ionia Jaycees, you are missing out. I have been able to visit thrice this year, and let me tell you, each time was a blast! Escape rooms, great food, fantastic hospitality. Ionia has it going on in the F-U-N fun department. Seriously, go hang out with them sometime.

Even more seriously, they do amazing work in their community. They are about to get to work for Ionia again with their annual Purple Game where they will raise thousands of dollars for Cancer patients and their families. The coolest thing about Ionia is that they don’t just make impact with projects in their town, they also have a very big voice.

You see, Ionia is one of the only chapters with a seat on their Chamber of Commerce board. This year, President Thomas has the chair.  He attends meeting with the Ionia Chamber, giving the Jaycees a vote, and a voice, within their Chamber.  This is an amazing situation. Practically unheard of for a chapter of JCI to be working so closely with their City.

Now, I know we can’t all just call our Chambers and magically be as cool as Ionia, but maybe we could give it a shot? If you are interested in working on a relationship with your Chamber, City Council or Mayor, you can start by reaching out to the JCI Michigan Board!  We can point you in the right direction!

Oh, and if you want to drop by an Ionia GMM to learn more about this and help them crush the competition at post-meeting trivia, you can find those details below!

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