JCI Kalamazoo proves to be ‘kalamacool’ with summer ghost tour

JCI Michigan!  I just need to take a few minutes to brag about Kalamacool, not because they are my home chapter, but because last month, they were particularly amazing.

Ghosts of Kalamazoo Historic Walking Tour, one of their signature projects, was suffering last year.  The Chair reported the biggest problems were lack of marketing and that good ole stale feeling that is bound to happen with a  long-standing project.  As Chair this year, Tina Fuster, is out to change both of these problems.


Kalamazoo held a special summer Ghost Tour in the middle of July.  In efforts to promote this event, a group of Kalamacooligans walked through the Do Dah Parade. This parade is a “parody parade” where each group is charged with making fun of something. Flying purple pac-man ghosts and handing out flyers with tour info and ghost stories on the back, they were the Real Ghostwives of Kalamazoo.  They also passed out over a thousand flyers for the event!

This, coupled with FANTASTIC social media marketing led to the summer tour raising OVER HALF of what the month-long event raised last year.  Talk about solving a problem!  Watching a new Chair of an old project working with experienced Jaycees, listening to them, and adapting an event to fit current needs is the most amazing thing.  I cannot wait to see what happens in October when Tina’s big plans to spice up the tour come to life!  Great work, Kalamacool!

If you would like more information about the Ghosts of Kalamazoo, check them out at www.facebook.com/ghostsofkalamazoo.

If you are interested in volunteering for the event this year, contact Tina directly at [email protected].  (Help is needed every weekend in October and September 13th!)

If you think D3 is cool and would like to check them out for other things, contact any of our fine Presidents or drop in on a GMM!

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