JCI MI Training Director looks back on successful 2019

Hey there, Wolfpack! It was my privilege to serve as the 2019 Training Director for JCI Michigan, alongside the Training Team of Sarah Ellis and John Hagan, for you amazing Jaycees! I was excited to take on this role when first discussing it with Steve-O and can truly say I have learned and grown from this experience.


2019 saw some exciting things happen during Saturdays of conferences! We got a jumpstart on the year with LOTS, featuring Robert’s Rules of Order with Past State President Dave Worthams. We went on The Journey with 98th National President Noelle Nachreiner at Year-End Leadership Conference, and learned about transformational leadership and generational differences at Boyne.


One of the biggest impacts made this year was JCI Talks, a TED Talk-style speaker showcase that brought us stories of passion and teamwork. My thanks to every person who shared their personal narrative, and to all who listened with open hearts and minds. I am glad to be part of this idea, made reality.


I am proud to be a Jaycee in the great state of Michigan, and to help provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. My hope is that each of you continue to feel empowered, and to seek strategies to strengthen your weaknesses and fuel your passion. Thank you for your service to humanity!


Jessica Haynes

2019 JCI Michigan Training Director


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