JCI Michigan brings awareness to human trafficking in West Michigan with S.O.A.P. outreach

During JCI Michigan’s upcoming fall leadership conference in Battle Creek, the organization will be taking advantage of the fact that they have hundreds of members from all over the state of Michigan together in one spot.

“Since we are all together, this is a great opportunity to show the community what JCI Michigan is about. We’re coming to Battle Creek with our professional development trainings and JCI Talks, but we wanted to do more. We wanted to make community impact while we are there.” says JCI Michigan President Steven Fappas.

The new ‘Day of Impact’ is only $25 and will include a full morning of trainings, lunch, JCI Talks (TED-style talks focused on the topic of finding your passion) AND the Impact in Action project focused on human trafficking awareness in West Michigan.

Don’t have $25? That’s okay! The morning trainings and human trafficking outreach program are free to anyone!

“More than anything we want to connect with the community, make a difference while we are in town, and show prospective members the benefits of our organization,” says Fappas. “The trainings are free so anyone can come learn new personal and professional skills. We saw a huge gap in young people needing training on professional skills, especially after college, but they just don’t know where to look. We want any adult under 40 to know we are the only organization working to train you how to strategically accomplish your goals.”

JCI Michigan is a group of change-makers, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and engaged citizens between the ages of 21-40. These members bring energy and insight to solving problems locally, and around the world. That being said, JCI Michigan will be taking action against human trafficking in West Michigan with the Organization SOAP (Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution) on September 7th.

Come be part of this impactful day here. (detailed list of trainings, too!)

SOAP outreaches provide information, hope, and the knowledge that someone truly does care to victims of human Trafficking. Outreaches also assist in locating missing teens and children. Together with the local community JCI conference members will be distributing tools in the community that directly help victims. We will have a presentation by SOAP leader, Jennifer Mansfield, and then teams will go out into the hotels nearby to leave information to raise awareness.

Learn more about the SOAP project at: https://www.soapproject.org

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