JCI Michigan prepares to lead by example in 4th Annual Kindness Rally

By: Susan Dials

Kindness starts HERE. The Kindness Rally was started in Redford, Michigan in 2016, and in one day we completed 250 acts of kindness in our community. The next year, we spread to chapters across the state and completed over 1,200 acts of kindness as a team! In year three we kept growing, only this time we got other JCI chapters from outside states and countries to join in, bringing our total number of acts of kindness in three years to over 4,450!

What exactly is then kindness rally? I'm glad you asked! In this family-friendly competition, teams will receive a list of random act of kindness “challenges” that involve helping others and bettering the community. From cleaning up trash and writing thank-you notes to carrying groceries to the car, teams will work to cross off challenges to see who has done the most good deeds by the end of the event. Teams use social media to showcase their community impact and encourage others, so follow #TheKindnessRally hashtag to see all the positive change created during The Kindness Rally!

This random act of kindness road rally is includes teams of 4-6 people and typically lasts 3 to 4 hours . Every chapter, in every state or country competes at the same time. Each team is given a list of kindness challenges to work from, and is required to post a fun picture to social media after completing a task in order to encourage others to participate and pay it forward.  This doesn't have to be a huge event in your city if you do not want it to be. You can have one team, or twenty teams at your event! As long as we do one more act of kindness than the year before, we are making progress and positively impacting our community. Here's an example of how to post:


In order to get started, chapters first need to commit to hosting this event with other JCI chapters on September 21st, 2019. We will post your city on thekindnessrally.org as a rally that people can register for to participate. JCI Michigan and The Kindness Rally will work with chapters to help with funding where possible. Chapters may also share resources. Many chapters chose to get donations or sponsorships in order to purchase supplies.  Chapters give a bag of supplies for each team coming to their event. (If you are unsure if you can commit to this, contact [email protected] or [email protected], we can make this event happen for you, we are here to help!) The supplies include things such as:

2019 will mark the fourth year for this event, and JCI Michigan is looking to make it bigger and better! This year we are partnering with JCI International's "Day of Peace" on September 21st in partnership with the Peace is Possible Campaign. All eyes will be looking to JCI Michigan as an example of this event, so we are looking to get our event structure set. This means we need ALL CHAPTERS to submit to their district directors whether or not they would like to participate in this statewide event on September 21st. Please let your DD know even if you plan NOT to participate so we have confirmation either way.

With this event growing, We are looking for any JCI members that may be willing to help gather sponsorships and donations, manage and work at creating a structure for the event registration, and assist with on boarding of new chapters. As you know, this event runs entirely on sponsorships and donations, and every dollar we get helps us make stronger impacts in the local communities.  We need your help to make this project better than ever, JCI Michigan!

Our mission is to provide a fun way to inspire others to be kind while combatting negativity with acts of positivity in local communities. The Kindness Rally is a great way to bring the community together for friendly, competitive fun focusing on random acts of kindness and good deeds. Were hope to see you there!

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Follow @TheKindnessRally on social media for updates and checkout #TheKindnessRally to see pictures of previous events!

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