JCI Michigan Wolfpack gears up to create impact this summer

What a great July! Summer is finally here! I am coming to visit as many chapters as possible this year so keep sending your events my way!! I am having an absolute blast experiencing what makes your chapter unique and special. The members I have met over the last couple weeks show me that this organization is growing and our people our the biggest asset we have! Keep being awesome!
Not only are you awesome but so is JCI Michigan! We have put together some awesome programs that will knock your socks off. We had Boat Bash and Wolfpack Camping already this summer, but don’t worry – we have more fun in store! We are doing something never done before on August 31st. It is a membership training rally called One Team One Drive. This project is for the entire State! All across Michigan we will all be focusing on having fun and taking action on letting people know about JCI Michigan!  During this event,  we are going to work together (#OneTeamOneDream) to learn recruiting skills and share ideas through this fun competition between every chapter.  Sign up your chapter’s team or learn more here.
As we roll into August,  it is officially time to pack the house at September Conference in Battle Creek!! We are making this one of the most engaging conferences that we have ever held! Prepare for a conference that is FUN, has great training seminars, amazing speakers, and gets us all pitching in to help the local communities. We are here to make an impact so you better believe that is what we are going to do!!  We will be working with Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution (SOAP) to bring awareness to sex trafficking in Michigan. This will be the first time we hold a community service project as part of our conference. We are going to invite local community members to come and be a part of the impact with us on Saturday. I want it to be something special so please come and add your skills to the team! When the One Team One Dream comes together you know that we will make this conference great!
Cheers Friends!
-Wolfpack Leader #95
        Steven S. Fappas

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