Many members of the Michigan Jaycees have moved on to serve the organization at the National and International level, including as National President and even World President. While this is not a comprehensive list, it will give you a feel of the talent that has come from the state of Michigan over the years.

JCI World Presidents

2017 Dawn Hetzel JCI World President

2007 Scott Greenlee, Grand Rapids JCI World President

JCI USA Presidents

2018 Noelle Nachreiner, Livonia 98th President JCI USA

2014 Fay Poissant, Ann Arbor 94th President of the US Junior Chamber

1975-1976 Richard Robinson, Rochester 56th JCI USA President

1966-1967 Wendell Smith, Plymouth 47th JCI USA President

1948-1949 Paul Bagwell, Lansing 29th JCI USA President

Officers and Committee Members

2020 JCI USA Deputy National President – Jay Johnson
2020 JCI USA Leadership Fellows Program Manager – Noelle Nachreiner
2020 JCI SKills Development Chair – Michelle McGrann
2020 JCI USA Chapter Development Committee – Steve Fappas

2019 JCI International Vice President – Jay Johnson

2019 JCI USA Immediate Past President – Noelle Nachreiner
2019 JCI USA Chapter Development and Metro Director – Adam Bonerek
2019 JCI USA Legal Counsel – Peter Behrmann
2019 JCI USA National Awards Committee – Sarah Austin

2018 JCI USA Leadership Development Director – Jay Johnson
2018 JCI USA Legal Counsel & Bylaws-Chair – Peter Behrmann Esq.
2018 JCI USA Civic Leadership Certification – Jocelyn Moellering
2018 JCI USA Shoot for Success Lead – Anna Versalle
2018 JCI USA TOYA & Leadership Fellows Program Committee – Angela Clock
2018 JCI USA Bylaws Committee – John Badeen Esq.
2018 JCI USA Bylaws Committee National Vice President – Steve G Pickelmann
2018 JCI USA National Awards-Chair – Erin Poltorak
2018 JCI USA National Awards Committee – Stacey Fenton
2018 JCI USA Training Task Force Committee – Stephanie Wade Gerds
2018 JCI USA Let’s Do It Campaign PM for World Cleanup Day – Mike Walsh
2018 JCI Alumni Relations Committe – Anna Versalle
2018 JCI Partnership Committee – Angela Clock

2017 JCI USA TOYA Chair – Angela Clock
2017 JCI Skills Development Committee and Presidential Assistant – Angela Clock
2017 JCI Presidential Assistant – Anna Versalle
2017 JCI Alumni Relations Committee Chair – Adam Bonarek, MBA
2017 JCI USA Legal Counsel – John Badeen Esq.

2016 JCI USA Legal Counsel – John Badeen Esq.
2016 JCI USA TOYA Chair – Angela Clock

2015 JCI USA Vice President – Adam Bonerak

2014 Dawn Hetzel JCI Executive Vice President for the Americas

2013 Fay Poissant JCI USA Membership Director
2013 Adam Bonarek JCI USA NAC
2013 Dawn Hetzel JCI General Legal Counsel

2012 Adam Bonarek, Redford JCI USA NAC

2012 Fay Poissant, Ann Arbor JCI USA Chief of Staff

2011 Adam Bonarek, Redford JCI USA NAC
2011 Fay Poissant, Ann Arbor JCI USA Chaplain

2010 Michelle McAllister, Ann Arbor JCI Executive VP
2010 Fay Poissant, Ann Arbor JCI USA National VP

2009 John Ferguson, Greater Traverse JCI USA Legal Counsel
2009 Michelle McAllister, Ann Arbor JCI International VP

2007 Jeff Smith, Redford JCI USAC National VP

2005 Dave Gordon, Kalamazoo JCI USA NAC