Members Making Noise for June

Carol Z Pickelmann, JCI Michigan Membership Vice PresidentMy Fellow Jaycees,

The time has finally come. “Big Gretch” is letting us out of the house. All over social media, we are seeing more and more pictures of our family, friends, coworkers and neighbors having social gatherings. We as Michigan Jaycees can finally get back to what we do best: hosting events that create positive change!

As an active member of this organization, I am thrilled!!!

As a mother, an essential worker and a science-minded active citizen, I have to say it: I. Am. Skeptical.

Do I want to leave my house, go to work and see me friends? Of course I do! Do I want to get back to living my best Jaycee life at projects that help better my community? Of course I do! Do I also know that Covid-19 hasn’t disappeared and we aren’t even out of our first wave yet? Of course I do.

Look, I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. We all want to get back to having lives outside of our houses. What I’m here to ask you is this:

  • Please wash your hands,
  • Please don’t touch your face,
  • Please don’t touch each other
  • Please wear a mask when its appropriate to do so,
  • When you are packing your “welcome wagons” for your JCI events, please pack hand sanitizer,
  • Please take care of yourself, your members, your volunteers and the people attending your events.

We may not have to stay home anymore, but it is our responsibility as young active citizens to stay safe. The world needs us around to keep fighting racism right now, okay?!


Thank you for coming to my JCITalk.


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