March 2020 Programming Update

Jeri Behrmann, 2020 Programming Vice President

Hello, JCI Michigan,

It was great to celebrate with all of you at the 2019 Year-End Conference in Ann Arbor.  There was positive energy throughout the weekend as we attended great trainings and celebrated so many accomplishments from the One Team One Dream year.  The 2019 Programming Team will be providing chapter and competitor feedback for Trimester 3 by Sunday, March 15, 2020.

Feedback is healthy!  Chapters who submitted their initial chapter plan will receive feedback by Friday, March 20, 2020, which provides chapters time to make updates and ask further questions before the T1 submission deadline.

Just as your Programming Team provides feedback to you, we’ve recently used prior years’ feedback and made some updates to CLC submissions. CLC forms will now be submitted through the portal, with substantiation loaded into assigned folders in Google Drive. If you are in charge of CLC for your chapter, please navigate to the Programming folder then Civic Leadership Certification folder, where you will locate a “READ ME FIRST” document explaining the importance of submissions and the process that will be utilized for 2020.

1st Trimester
March 1     T1 Submission Portal Opens
March 27    T1 Competition Topics Released
(Prepared Write-Up, Prepared Speak Up,
Master Speak Up, Film It!,
Junior Jaycee/Jayteen Prepared Write-Up,
& Junior Jaycee/Jayteen Film It!)
Competition & SPE Judges Registration Opens

April 12    1st Trimester Ends
April 17    T1 Submissions Due by 10:00 PM
May 8       T1 SPE Interviews & Competitions – Boyne
May 8-10    T1 Awards at JCI Michigan Conference – Boyne

Please feel free to contact the Programming Team or myself with any questions you may have. The Programming Team is here to assist you in making a bigger impact.

We hope to see everyone in Boyne to continue learning from each other and start celebrating the many accomplishments of 2020, and Let’s Pave the Programming Way Together Jaycees!

Warm Regards,
Jeri Behrmann
Programming VP
[email protected]

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