Member to Member: January 2018

  • What’s up John Hagan! I’m still jealous you were the Mystery Guest! ~Steve-O
  • Shout out to Sarah Fappas Way to kick cancers ass! ~ The Wolfpack
  • Shout out to Nikki Glinski and Jaymi Dormaier for making the Wolfpack a reality ~Steve-O
  • Shout out to Frankenmuth for having a kick ass GMM ~Steve-O
  • Hey Jade! Congrats on your little tough girl! We all can’t wait to meet her! ~HC Sister
  • Lauren and Nicole LayJays, Ya’ll Rock! Great job on the STB event!!! See you in February!!! ~Ilona
  • Joannie: The Dawn and Joannie cocktail hour will be back and we will rage!
  • Being a Jaycee has allowed me to meet some incredible people. Tanya Quackenbush, Angela Clock, Anglea Fossi, and Jocelyn Moellering are all amazing ladies and super supportive if you ever need them. ~Bek


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