Members Making Noise in May


10/10, I would never have said this before stay-at-home… but, I watched the Senate hearing the other day.

At one point, there was a male Republican Senator raving about the Democratic Governor’s plan for “reopening her state.”

He started by talking about how the war on COVID-19 ‘can’t be won if politicians are fighting with each otherThey have to work together in a bi-partisan way to defeat this pandemic.’

In that very moment, I was filled with Jaycee pride.

That Senator knows what we know — That government should be of laws, rather than of men.

Watching your chapters’ work, right now, is inspiring. Whether you are making masks, raising money for essential workers, or simply entertaining each other on zoom — you are making a difference.

While we don’t all agree on politics, we do agree that ‘Service to humanity is the BEST WORK OF LIFE‘.

Thank you, for working together to try and make lives a little better.

After our training day, I am 100% positive that JCI Michigan is going to come out of this pandemic a little stronger than before. And that, my friends, is because of you!

Keep up the good work, Jaycees, and remember, you are not alone…

Speaking of not being alone, I hope to see you and your potential-member-friends Saturday evening for Team Trivia and Game Night!

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