How do I add a new member?

New members must sign up through the JCI Michigan (Michigan Jaycees) website ( Each Local Organization (chapter) has a direct link for chapter dues. If you do not know the link for your Local Organization, go to the Membership section of the website, and then to Find a Local Organization. When the member signs up, they will be asked to pay dues via a PayPal account.

How long will it take for a new member to show up in Jaycee Member (

It may take a few days before you see your new member’s information in Jaycee Member. When a member joins online, a notification is sent to the State Membership Vice President. They then have to manually enter all of the member’s information into Jaycee Member.

Who can update Jaycee Member?

Each member can update their own details on their profile in Jaycee Member. If the member needs to update their birthdate please contact the State Membership Vice President for that process.

The State Membership Vice President completes updates for adding, renewing, and/or dropping members.

Local Organization Presidents or their designated representatives can use Jaycee Member to view their roster and to approve Passport tasks.


How does a member renew his or her membership?

If a member is making monthly payments, their membership will automatically be renewed.

If a member is making annual payments, they must go to the JCI Michigan ( and pay their dues prior to the end of the quarter.  After selecting their Local Organization, they will need to make sure to choose the renewal link to avoid being charged the $10.00 new member fee.  Please note that once you have joined or renewed in the updated system that your annual or monthly renewal will be automatic.

What if my member renews under the incorrect renewal?

Your president will need to send an email to [email protected] and [email protected] with the request for investigation and reimbursement for that member.

How does a member switch from automatic renewal to manual renewal?

To cancel either monthly or annual automatic dues payments, the member will need to cancel the payments to terminate the auto payment from their PayPal account by taking the following steps:

  1. Log into PayPal and select the most recent payment to the JCI Michigan (Michigan Jaycees) (for monthly payments, the payment is generally made on the same date every month).
  2. Click the link that says Manage Payments to the JCI Michigan (Michigan Jaycees).
  3. Click the link that says cancel.

Note: Anyone who has canceled the automatic recurring payment in their PayPal, failed to keep their payment method current or funded, will need to manually renew their membership.

How do I know which members from my Local Organization pay monthly/annually?

If your Local Organization does not have a record of annual and monthly members, the only way to find out who pays monthly/annually is by asking the State Membership Vice President. You cannot obtain this information through Jaycee Member.

When will a member who pays monthly show as renewed in Jaycee Member?

A member who is making monthly payments will be marked as renewed in the 2nd month of the quarter in which they are due (Ex: Members due in the 1st Quarter that make monthly payments will be marked as renewed in February).

I have been notified that a member wants to drop their membership. What do I do?

If a member will not be renewing their membership, notify the State Membership Vice President so they can update Jaycee Member to show that member has dropped. If that member is on a monthly payment plan, the member must update their PayPal account to stop the automatic payments.

Why is a member that has dropped still on my roster?

JCI USA is on an annual dues system. When a member is entered into Jaycee Member, they will remain on your roster for 1 year. If a member joins in the 1st Quarter of the year, opts to make monthly payments, and drops after 3 months, that member will remain on your roster until the 1 st Quarter of the following year, even though that member has technically “dropped.”

What happens when a member making monthly payments doesn’t pay?

When a member making monthly payments misses their payment, the member and the Local Organization President will receive an e-mail from the State Membership Vice President notifying them that the payment has been missed.

JCI Michigan is not able to determine why a payment did not go through. The notification we receive simply states that the payment failed. It is the responsibility of the member to determine why the payment was missed and correct the problem. Typically missed payments occur when the credit card associated with a PayPal account expires and the member just needs to update their credit card information in PayPal.

Once the problem is corrected, the member can pay the delinquent dues by sending a payment via PayPal to [email protected]. After 3 consecutive missed payments, the member will be dropped from your roster.

A member in my Local Organization has been paying dues monthly and wants to switch to paying annually. What do they need to do?

First, the member needs to stop the automatic monthly payments via PayPal. Then, the member will need to pay the annual dues via the JCI Michigan website ( by following the same process as a new member.

What is my login for the JCI Michigan website?

All new members will create their own username and password when creating their profile on the website. The login for existing members that are renewing their memberships is the email address they have on file with Jaycee Member. Please note that people that are members of more than one Local Organization should have a unique email address for each chapter. The member will then be able to set up her or her password by clicking the forgot password link.

Why is there a $10 fee for new members?

The JCI Michigan bylaws require that all new members are charged a $10 fee. A renewing member will not be required to pay this fee.

How does my Local Organization pay dues for a member?

We are aware that some Local Organizations pay dues on behalf of their members. Please contact the membership team for instructions on how to log into your members' profiles to make payments on their behalf. An alternative option is to ask the member to pay their membership and request reimbursement from the Local Organization.


What if my question wasn't answered here?

You can reach out to the State Membership Vice President and the Membership Team anytime by contacting [email protected]