One Team One Drive was action-packed fun!

We are listening to you JCI Michigan! We understand that it is hard to recruit new members. What do you do? What should you say? How do you share all there amazing things about our organization without sounding pushy? To answer these questions, JCI Michigan tried something new this past Labor Day weekend with One Team One Drive. We wanted to provide every tool we could think of to assist chapters and create challenges to get you out of your comfort zone to try some recruiting skills .We figured once you try some ideas, you can figure out what works for your chapter and what doesn’t. Teams were equipped with templates, example emails, business cards, custom flyers, and more! All across Michigan we took one weekend to focus on having fun and taking action on letting people know about JCI Michigan!

We called this event a membership drive, but the point was not to recruit members. The point was to bond with your chapter members, connect with local businesses and community members in your area to make sure they KNOW who the jaycees are, and to try something new and prove that recruitment doesn’t have to be scary.

Let me tell you, our chapters were definitely noticed! There were silly pictures, laughter, business emails, and new recruits! We had 9 chapters participate  with 15 agreeing to do the event on another day.  The winner for this event will be announced this weekend at Fall Conference!

We would LOVE to hear your feedback on this first time event. What did you like? What worked, what didn’t? How can we make it better? Did you have fun? Did you learn something? What tools worked best? Whether or not you loved the event, we have opened up the conversation to being addressing  roadblocks to growing out organization. Personally as the membership director, and together as the state board, we want each chapter to know we are here to help, and would like to hear your genuine concerns for attracting members. Every chapter is unique, and we want to help you find a way to celebrate that while attracting like-minded change makers. We got this. ONE TEAM ONE DREAM!

Please share your feedback with membership with me at [email protected]

-Jaymi D

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