2019 JCI Michigan Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Contact Email
95th President Steve S. Fappas sfappas@jcimi.org
Chairman of the Board Adam Nelson anelson@jcimi.org
Chief of Staff Nikki Glinski, LMT, NCMT nglinski@jcimi.org
Chief Operations Officer Sarah Austin saustin@jcimi.org
Programming Vice President Beth Plant bplant@jcimi.org
State Membership Vice President Jaymi Dormaier, LMSW jdormaier@jcimi.org
Secretary Anna Versalle aversalle@jcimi.org
Finance Director Joannie Zelinski, CPA jzelinski@jcimi.org
Deputy Finance Director Tracine Komorowski tkomorowski@jcimi.org
Communication & Technology Director Susan Dials sdials@jcimi.org
Corporate & Government Relations Director Julie Huff jhuff@jcimi.org
Legal Counsel Brandon Poltorak bpoltorak@jcimi.org
D1 Director Beth Michaels emichaels@jcimi.org
D2 Director Marybeth Schafer mschafer@jcimi.org
D3 Director Carol Zombro czombro@jcimi.org
D4 Director Angela Wolf awolf@jcimi.org
D5 Director Stephanie Gerds sgerds@jcimi.org
Training Director Jessica Haynes jhaynes@jcimi.org
Auxiliary Officers
Contact Email
Mid-America - Primary Steven Pickelmann, AAI spickelmann@jcimi.org
Mid-America - Seconday John R. Badeen Esq. jbadeen@jcimi.org
Presidents' Coach John R. Badeen Esq. jbadeen@jcimi.org
Executive Presidential Assistant Stephanie Johnson sjohnson@jcimi.org
MIJC Senate Liaison & Sargent at Arms Samantha McCormick smccormick@jcimi.org
Chaplain Kristin Garstka kgarstka@jcimi.org
Elections Chair Dan Moellering dmoellering@jcimi.org
ONTO Chair Jacqulyn Leary jleary@jcimi.org
Committee Assignments
Contact Email
Programming Director Jessica Anderson janderson@jcimi.org
Programming Director Jeri Behrmann Esq. jbehrmann@jcimi.org
Programming Director Amanda Walworth awalworth@jcimi.org
Membership Director Jocelyn Moellering jmoellering@jcimi.org
Membership Director Kymi Toliver ktoliver@jcimi.org
Presidential Assistant Ilona Casteliein icastelein@jcimi.org
Presidential Assistant DJ Campbell dcampbell@jcimi.org
Presidential Assistant Kara Zielinski kzielinski@jcimi.org
Presidential Assistant Tara Mack tmack@jcimi.org
Presidential Assistant Kieshan Counts kcounts@jcimi.org
Training Team John Hagan jhagan@jcimi.org
Training Team Sarah Ellis sellis@jcimi.org
Communications Team Justin Roggenbuck jroggenbuck@jcimi.org
Communications Team Doug McClain dmcclain@jcimi.org
Communications Team Tony Paris tparis@jcimi.org
Audit (2017-2019) Steven Pickelmann, AAI spickelmann@jcimi.org
Audit (2017-2019) Matt Sernau msernau@jcimi.org
Audit (2018-2020) Chris Crawford ccrawford@jcimi.org
Audit (2018-2020) Julia Avery javery@jcimi.org