2021 Board of Directors

NameJCI MI Email
97th PresidentAdam Bonarek[email protected]
Chairman of the BoardSarah Austin[email protected]
Chief of StaffTara Mack[email protected]
Chief Operations OfficerCarol Z. Pickelmann[email protected]
Programming Vice PresidentCarena Townsend[email protected]
Membership Vice PresidentChristopher Crawford[email protected]
Secretary/ChaplinIlona Castelein[email protected]
Finance DirectorJeri Behrmann[email protected]
Legal CounselCory Rickett[email protected]
Communications & Technology DirectorStephanie Johnson[email protected]
Corporate & Government Relations DirectorJulie Huff[email protected]
Training DirectorMichelle McGrann[email protected]
District 1 DirectorCaroline Moellering[email protected]
District 2 DirectorJennifer Baker[email protected]
District 3 DirectorMegan Hayden[email protected]
District 4 DirectorMegan Maiani[email protected]
District 5 DirectorJacqulyn Leary[email protected]

Auxiliary Officers

Mid-America Primary AdvisorSteve Pickelmann[email protected]
Mid-America Secondary AdvisorPeter Behrmann[email protected]
Presidents’ CoachNoelle Nachreiner[email protected]
Senate LiaisonMichelle Kelley[email protected]
Elections ChairSarah Austin[email protected]
Deputy FinanceVacant

Committee Assignments

Programming DirectorKimmy Black[email protected]
Programming DirectorNikki Dobos[email protected]
Membership DirectorBeth Coulson[email protected]
Membership DirectorJustin Roggenbuck[email protected]
Presidential Assistant/National Events ChairJen Groom[email protected]
Presidential AssistantAnna Versalle[email protected]
Gen Z Membership Taskforce ChairArianna King[email protected]
Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce ChairKymi Toliver[email protected]
Training TeamAmanda Lozier[email protected]
Training TeamMichael Langworthy[email protected]
Communications TeamErin Ver Berkmoes[email protected]
Technology TeamNoel Groom[email protected]
Production TeamBeth Michaels[email protected]
Production TeamJessica Anderson[email protected]
Production TeamJake Anderson[email protected]