2017 Board of Directors
93rd PresidentPeter Behrmann[email protected]
Chairman of the BoardSteven Pickelmann[email protected]
Chief of StaffAdam Nelson[email protected]
Chief Operations OfficerAnna Versalle[email protected]
Programming Vice PresidentJocelyn Moellering[email protected]
Membership Vice PresidentSarah Ellis[email protected]
SecretarySteven S. Fappas[email protected]
Finance DirectorKristin Garstka[email protected]
Deputy Finance DirectorJoannie Zelinski[email protected]
Communication & Technology DirectorJessica Haynes[email protected]
Corporate & Government Relations DirectorJohn R. Badeen, Esq.[email protected]
Legal CounselJeri Behrmann[email protected]
District 1 DirectorAshley O’Neal[email protected]
District 2 DirectorRachael Eerdmans[email protected]rg
District 3 DirectorErin McKenzie[email protected]
District 4 DirectorDan Moellering[email protected]
District 5 DirectorChristy Kuczynski[email protected]
Training DirectorNikki Glinski[email protected]
2017 Auxiliary Officers
Mid-America – PrimaryMichelle McAllister[email protected]
Mid-America – SecondaryJay Johnson[email protected]
Executive Presidential AssistantBeth Plant[email protected]
Liaison to MIJC SenateMike Kandah[email protected]
ChaplainMichael Walsh[email protected]
President’s CoachJames Hart[email protected]
ONTO ChairSarah Austin[email protected]
2017 Committee Assignments
Programming DirectorHollie Olson[email protected]
Programming DirectorJulia Avery[email protected]
Programming DirectorApril Hendryx[email protected]
Production TeamChris Crawford[email protected]
Production TeamJessica McGeorge[email protected]
Production TeamIlona Castelein[email protected]
Production TeamJohn Hagan[email protected]
Training TeamBeth Michaels[email protected]
Training TeamChris Buehrer[email protected]
Communications TeamErin Poltorak[email protected]
Communications TeamJustin Roggenbuck[email protected]