Partnering with our state and local governments, Michigan based businesses and other community organizations is an essential component of building a strong bond between the young people of Michigan and our communities at large.  Below are some of our current partnerships: if you are interested in becoming a partner as well, contact us for more information on Partnership Opportunities.


Michigan Chamber of Commerce

We have been expanding our relationship with the Michigan Chamber over the last couple years.  Now, not only does our state office reside in their building in Lansing, but we have full use of the facilities as well.  We are currently developing joint programming efforts between our two organizations, along with the Michigan Chamber’s promotion of Junior Chamber Chapter relationships with local Chamber Members.  For more information on the Michigan Chamber of Commerce please visit:


Michigan Transportation Team (Just Fix The Roads Coalition)

The Michigan Transportation Team (MTT) is a partnership of businesses, associations, and citizens linked with the common goal of improving Michigan’s transportation infrastructure.    More information on this Coalition can be found at:


Michigan Human Trafficking Commission’s Sub-Committee on Awareness

The Michigan Junior Chamber has been involved in the Sub-Committee since it started in 2013.  Our goal is to help support the Commission’s goal of raising awareness of Human Trafficking in Michigan.  With the amount of communities with Junior Chambers and projects run my our members, our goal is to help educate the citizens in our state on Human Trafficking in Michigan.  More information on the Commission can be found at: Michigan Human Trafficking Commission Report


American Cancer Society

The United State Jaycees are the largest non-corporate partner for the ACS, and the Michigan Junior Chamber routinely raises more money through Relay for Life than any other State Jaycee organization.


Nothing But Nets Campaign

Junior Chamber International is a leading partner on the NBN Campaign.  Through this campaign, JCI Members will raise funds for one million bed nets by 2015 and educate children and their families in Africa on the correct use of the nets.