Pave the Programming Way for June

Jeri Behrmann, 2020 Programming Vice President

Hello, Michigan Jaycees!

Congratulations to all the competitors and presenters who participated in the first-ever JCI Michigan Virtual Conference on the past 2 Saturdays!! The Programming Team was very impressed with the professionalism and flexibility of all participants involved in the virtual competitions and SPE presentations. Also, I want to give a huge shout out and thank you to all the judges who provided their knowledge and feedback to our members. We were very excited to have current members, past state presidents, senators, and JCI USA officers assist us in this process.

All chapters and competitors who competed and submitted for awards will be receiving feedback from the Programming Team soon. We are waiting for the Trimester 1 Virtual Awards ceremony date to announced so we can release the feedback deadline.


We are now in Trimester 2, which started on April 13, 2020. Below are the dates to remember for Trimester 2:

September 4th-2nd Trimester Ends

September 11th-T2 Submissions Due by 10:00 PM

Please feel free to contact the Programming Team with any questions as we are here to assist you. As an organization, we are making an impact in our communities as well as virtually by hosting virtual game nights and training, volunteering to deliver meals, making financial contributions to those in need, and volunteering to get groceries for the elderly.

We are excited to see what members are doing in Trimester 2 to continue to learn from each other and improve themselves, our chapters, and our communities! Make sure to let everyone know about what is going on in your chapter with programming. Now is the time to “Pave the Programming Way Together” Jaycees!

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