JCI Michigan’s Professional Skills Competitions Program is designed to improve and showcase the skills and talents of our members. These competitions allow members to become more confident in presenting themselves both verbally and in written format; skills which can be transferred to a member’s personal and professional life.

Competitions include the:

  • You’re Hired! – a mock interview competition
  • Mungenast Family of the Year  Portfolio & Interview
  • Speak-Up – a public speaking competition, featuring both Prepared and Impromptu speeches on a given topic
  • Write-Up – both Prepared and Impromptu writing competitions on a given topic
  • Policy Debate
  • Film It!
  • Online Professional Networking

JCI Michigan offers a competitions program at our State Leadership Conferences throughout the year as well as Year-End Judging Day.

Year-End Competition winners may have the opportunity to compete at the National or International level. JCI Michigan is proud to showcase the amazing accomplishments of our members!

Look for the Competitions Manual and Information Sheets in the Document Library.