Speed competitions? What’s that?!

With Leadership Conference coming to our neighborhood in September, D3 is gearing up for Competitions with a project pulled from the Vault of Fay Walsh: Speed Competitions.  And yes, it is what you think it is. Even better?  Everyone is invited!

****Now, we know that not everyone likes competitions, so if you are one of those people, just move along down the Michigander.  We are looking for people who either LOVE competing or people that love the IDEA of competing. We could also go for some people that enjoy judging competitions too!

Saturday, August 3rd. Lansing Chamber Building. 1pm. 

Speed Competitions will give you a quick look at:

  • JCI Jeopardy
  • Debate
  • Write-up
  • Speak-up
  • The interview process

This event is great for the Jaycee that would like to try out different competitions before committing to a conference.  It’s great for the Jaycee that isn’t able to attend conferences but would like to try competing.  It’s SUPER great for that friend of yours who has amazing Jaycee potential but they need to see the value first-hand before they believe that we build leaders.

Point of the matter is, you should sign up today!  Right now! 


If you are still reading this, you should know that this is a free event and it’s going to be a ton of fun. If you’re nervous about competing, you should just come and watch.  If you’ve competed a million times but you think this is cool, you should come and be a judge!  Email [email protected] for information about that!!  (Especially you, Senators!!)

We hope to see you in Lansing on August 3rd, but if you can’t make it, check out these other cool things in D3!

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