The Virtual Kindness Rally

Hi JCI Michigan Families,

Being a parent turned homeschool teacher, a husband or wife while also possibly working from home, and everything else going on in the world today is a lot during this time.  However, we are in this together.  One way that I have found to help me during this time is by doing acts of kindness. Just one small act of kindness each day will help create a ripple effect of love that humanity needs right now.

The Kindness Rally has launched a Virtual Kindness Rally, in which you can spread kindness from the comfort of your home!  I encourage the parents of our Junior Jaycees and Jayteens to join in as a family and participate.  Not only are you spreading kindness to others in your community, it really helps with lifting your spirits!  Our kids have been stuck in the house for quite some time now without their normal social encounters that they experience at school, events, and with friends.  Now is a great time to connect them to a positive community, giving them a virtual social outlet while creating teams with their friends, while having the opportunity to create positive change.

I am working on some virtual opportunities for our juniors and teens to connect, engage, and excel.  For now, I would encourage you to reach out to the kids of our organization, let them know about this Rally, encourage them to participate and invite friends, and be apart of something great that aims at spreading kindness as far and wide as possible.

“Most of humanity is suffering in some way or another – now, more than ever. It is time to take action and spread kindness as far and wide as possible to combat all the stress, anxiety, and trauma we are facing. We must have patience with each other and make time to take care of ourselves, and our communities.” – Sarah Fappas, LMSW and Kindness Rally Board Member.

Stay Safe, Stay Home, and enjoy the positive things in which staying at home gives us.  Please reach out if you need anything at all.

Join The Virtual Kindness Rally at

Angela Wolf

JCI Michigan Membership Director

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