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Hello JCI Michigan!

What an amazing first quarter! Thank you all for working so hard on your Membership goals!

Boy do we have some great incentives and projects for you! Check this out my fellow WolfPackians!

1. Anyone who renews their membership in April will be entered in a drawing to win $70.00!! But wait it gets better! Even if you are a 3rd or 4th quarter renewal you can renew in April to be entered in the drawing. Your renewal quarter will stay the same you will just add an additional year to what you have already paid for. 2nd quarter monthly members in good standing will be included. 3rd and 4th quarter monthly members that convert to annual memberships in April will also be included.

2. Don't think I forgot about our recruiters!! If you recruit a member in April or May you will also be entered in a drawing to win $70.00!!! Each member recruited adds another chance to win!

And then this..... Boat Bash is Back!!!!! Click this link for details about our Epic Cruise on June 2nd!  Check it out below for more info!

Membership Tip!

I believe Activation is the key to quality Membership!  If your members are coming to projects they are very likely going to stay. This needs to be our mission everyday! To make personal connections with our chapter members. Once people feel included the magic happens. They help at projects, they bring ideas to the table, they chair events, they become members of the board, they become lifelong friends, and they tell their friends! Don't miss your chance! Step out of your comfort zone to spend some potentially awkward first few moments with a potential new friend or maybe even future President of your chapter!


For more info and to purchase your tickets visit:


Dress up as your favorite band and come Rock the Boat with us!

The event takes place at 6 pm in Wyandotte’s Bishop Park where we will enjoy a BBQ. We board the Diamond Jack at 6:45 pm and set sail promptly at 7:00 pm. We will embark on a 3-hour cruise of the Detroit River.

Onboard have a great time with all of your JCI Michigan friends as we enjoy Music, Costume contests, Prizes and a 2 Hour Open Bar! After the cruise, we will check out the nightlife in the Dotte by visiting a couple of our favorite establishments within walking distance of the Dock. Once we are done Rocking Out we can commence the Sleeping In!


April Showers Brings May Flowers

 Our challenge to you for the month of April comes in the form of some friendly competition. We want to see what chapter can be our top recruiting chapter.

To the victorious chapter you will receive recognition at May Conference, a special treat from the WolfPack, and get the satisfaction of watching your new JCI seeds blossom into amazing, productive Jaycees come May! ~Nikki

  • Shout out to Rebecca Markonni for traveling to so many chapters in D4!
  • Shout out to Thee Dirty for hosting a fun trivia night and making some new friends!
  • Shout out to Jay Johnson - Thanks for the Whiskey!  ~ Steve-O
  • Shout out to Rochester - Thanks for letting me finish my speech!  ~ Steve-O
  • Shout out to Nikki and Jaymi for taking this wild ride with me and making this a lot of fun!  ~Steve-O



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