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Hello JCI Michigan!

Your membership team is working hard to bring you tools to help strengthen your chapter!

Jaymi has created a program called Ohana that is here to help show smaller chapters the path to success. Chapters that complete the 90 day program will be recognized by the membership team!

Nikki has a new challenge for everyone so check it out below.

We have tools for extending new chapters. I encourage any healthy chapter to look at the surrounding communities and help get a new chapter off the ground! We can get you on the path to victory here

Membership Tip: Spend time with your chapter or board talking about the members that are due each quarter. Read off each due members name aloud. If a member knows that member personally have them reach out via call/text/FB message right then! It works trust me. It is easier to work on retaining members you already have as opposed to hunting down new ones. Then play the prospecting game at your GMM for people to fill up your prospective list!

Can't wait to see you guys at projects! The Wolf Pack is on the prowl!



  • Shout out to Doug McClain for helping the LIV escape from the winter blues with the Bahama Breeze Beach Party! ????~ Amanda Walworth
  • Joannie Zelinski - Great job at Year End conference. You were a Finance Rock Star! ~Sarah Austin
  • Shout out to Kristen Harris and the Saginaw Jaycees for doing what it takes to make it.~ Steve-O
  • Shout out to Elizabeth Mullins for surprising Shaun with his dad at their year-end banquet ~ Mike Walsh
  • Shout out to Shaun Abshire for naming me Grandmaster of the Jaycees. ~ Steve-O
  • Thanks to members of Wyandotte, Farmington Area, and Westland Area for coming out to the LIV’s Goal Setting event. Shout out to Becky Hermann and Amanda Ritchey for planning this great event to help everyone with identifying our goals and keeping us accountable in 2018. ~ Amanda Walworth
  • Redford...wheres Tom O Hawk these days? ~ Steve-O
  • Shout out to the Farmington Area Jaycee president for taking such good care of his gavel???? Good luck this year Andrew! If you need anything feel free to reach out! ~Walsh
  • Big kalamathanks to everyone who donated to help Tina & Taylor after their house fire. The outpouring of love is appreciated more than any of us can express. #brotherhoodofman ~Carol Zombro

Donations for Tina

Send PayPal donations to [email protected] or email [email protected] for a list of items needed

Lucky To Have You

One of the reasons we lose our members is because we burn them out and they feel under appreciated. This month’s challenge is to send a note of appreciation to your fellow members. It can be a phone call, text message, or my personal favorite, a snail mail card. These should go to everyone, especially those that may have taken a step back. This is meant to be a heartfelt challenge. Not just a quick thank you. Be specific. If you are lucky enough to have been told you are appreciated drop the WolfPack a line and tell us who left you the note or use the hashtag #LuckyPack. We will have a prize for the leader who told their pack how lucky they were to have them. ~Nikki

WolfPack Shirts Have Arrived!

Order your shirt today and run with the Pack

Poll the Members

What type of socials activate the most members as well as bring out prospective members?


Adult Coloring Night

Ice Cream social



Board Game Night

Escape Room

Pub Crawl




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