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Hello Friends!

We are in May and looking forward to amazing projects, growing our Membership and having everyone participate in the May Challenge! Here's our upcoming exciting high points.
1. JCI Michigan Leadership Conference at Treetops! The Membership team will be providing a great training on Saturday morning. We will offer some tips on renewals and new adds in our membership system.
2. June 2nd is our JCI Michigan Boat Bash!! "Rock the Boat!" More info and tickets are on sale below.
Membership Tip!
Activate more members by making them feel important and useful and by asking for their help.
Use info from conversations, membership surveys, or even their social media to help find out what your members like to do.
Connect those likes to your projects and goals. Once you find someone that is interested in a project or idea take a minute to think of ways that they can get involved.
The final step is to ask them personally by telling them that you have noticed that they would be good at what you are seeking, their input and help would be valuable to the chapter, and it is easy to get involved.
*Super Tip* Once they are active help them start their passport to civic leadership.
Stay active my friends!

This program is JCI USA’s number one tool for
member activation & retention. It’s designed for members to achieve the maximum value from their Jaycee
membership by being an active member.

Getting Started & Submitting Activity
Log into If you are logging into the system for the first time, click on “setup new login.”

-Log in.
-In the My Profile box, click on Passport to Civic Leadership.
-Once you’ve completed a degree requirement, select the check box next to that requirement and then select Submit under the degree name.

That’s it! An email will be sent to your chapter president alerting them that they need to approve Passport
activity. They will then need to log into the membership system to approve that activity.


 May Flowers

You worked so hard recruiting in April, we want to see those Jaycees of yours bloom. For this months challenge I want your members to submit for passport to leadership. This program is an amazing stepping stone to allow you to advance your Jaycee career at just the right pace. We will be counting on our local presidents to keep us posted as they submit them for approval! ~Nikki

  • Good luck on the 15th Zam Zam
  • Jessica and Dan from Frankenmuth! We had some much fun with you guys can't wait to hang out again. -Fappas Family
  • Sarah Austin (and Michigan Mom) thank you so much for all you did to help Michigan as Onto Chair. You worked tirelessly to make sure we were well taken care of and we appreciate it! - JCI Michigan
  • JCI Michigan delegation to Myrtle Beach Way to represent your state! I had such a great weekend! Can't wait til next time we sing "This little light of mine" love to Issac! -Steve-O
  • Saturday 3am Balcony Party - You know who you are. I needed those laughs so bad! -Cantelopes everywhere
  • Shout out to the LIV for having the Wolfpack come train..
  • Shout out to Noelle Nachriner on her induction as JCI USA president.
  • Shout Out to Hollie Olson, Here is to being fierce and ninja owls and stuff
  • Over the years I've had the pleasure of watching Steve Fappas become a husband, a father, and an incredible leader. I'm proud of you bro! Keep up the good work and keep inspiring others -WolfPackPat
  • Shout out to Central Woodward! Way to clean up that park! -Beth P
  • Donna Badthing we still believe you are the murderer! - Your table

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