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Hello JCI Michigan!

Hello JCI Michigan!
We just finished our 2nd quarter for membership. Since it is sometimes a struggle to hit the growth number I am dedicating this article on how to get there!
The vast majority of growth is attained through aggressive renewal campaigns.
For the simple fact that keeping a current member is easier than finding a new one, start this quarter with a check in. Which names do you think are planning to renew or might renew with some work. Are there any for sure drops? Take a look at who you have up for renewal in Jaycee Member and make your best educated guess on if you think they will renew or not and let your team know and let me know. Then ask for their renewal early!
If you have a lot of renewals consider running a renewal special until closeout or for 30 days or something. Again do your best to keep who you already have.
Keep some form of potential list because try as we might we won’t always retain everyone. We will need some place to be sending our message and seeking new members. The sooner you work on this the easier it will be later! The membership team can help contact some of those people if you would like. Whether or not you are currently keeping a potential list build one up at your next chapter meeting with the Prospecting Game
Some of the follow up ideas are a little outdated (and a little cheesy) but the concept is solid. The idea is to ask people to write down the people they know, ask for their permission to contact them and then make an effort to get those potentials out to events.
Offer a prize for the person or team that gets the most names. We did this with 8 people in Westland earlier this year and they left with 50 prospects in about 20 minutes. Go get em!  I am always here to help!

 Our challenge to you for the month of July is all about fun while activating and growing your members. We want to see pictures of your members having a good time playing the Prospecting Game and/or at your July Social.

When you post the pictures make sure you use #ProspectingGame and #JulySocial. Also, tag Steve to make sure the WolfPack sees all the fun you are having.

  • Miami crew! What a blast! What happens in Miami…..
  • Lisa Bradley you and your team are amazing. Blazing a trail!
  • Mike Mikeiewicz thanks for spinning the tunes at Boat Bash!
  • Roaming Rebecca – You are a Rockstar!
  • Zam Zam you’re the funniest person I know
  • Central Woodward- Great turnout at the BBQ. All events need to be dog friendly!


Here are some ideas for social activities

  • Bon fire
  • Putt-Putt
  • Go-karts
  • Drive in movie tailgate
  • Driving Range
  • Batting Cages
  • Poker/Card Games
  • Board games and Brew
  • Day at the beach
  • Group Hike
  • Frisbee golf

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